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Mukas - Frost DK

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Mukas - Frost DK

Post  mukas on 3/1/2013, 06:34

RL info:
1. Name: Aurimas
2. Age: 23
3. Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
4. Time zone GMT+2 (CET+1)
5. Occupation: Studying for my master's degree in philosophy. Unemployed.
6. Interests: Books (philosophy, novels), films, music, cycling.
7. Core Crew: I found you on My current guild was meant to raid 3 days a week so it's what I want to stick to.

In-game info:

1. Character's name: Mukas
2. Armory:
3. Gear/spec choices: I'm gemming haste as 2 haste equals around 1.2 strength which makes gemming for it better. I am speced frost as it's the best dps on paper.
4. I have 11 days played on this DK, i created it around 5 weeks ago.
The DK i played in WoLK has 94 days played.
( )
The mage i played in vanilla/bc and as an alt in WoLK has 289 days played.
( )
The priest i played briefly in cata and as an alt in WoLK has 54 days played.
( )
5. UI - It is tuned to 10m raiding so it overlaps with some stuff in LFR.
6. WoL - Picked Grand Empress as it was a boss i had most practice on. The guild was already clearing the first normal modes when i started levelling so I joined on the kills without much practice. As we got closer to the kill in those logs, dps stoped aoeing, cos adds died too fast. During P2 I didn't dps at all after 2 adds died as It's pointless.
Another note on my dps: i had terrible luck with tier and still have 0 pieces, 2 piece set bonus is an immense dps boost. In the provided WoL log I was also still dpsing with 1-handers from LFR as I had no 2-hander
7. PC specs: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 5600+, 4 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450. I have around 35 fps in 10 man raids and raid with no issues. I'm not sure what my bandwidth is. I get around 10 mb/s download speed and have ~40 ms in WoW. I never get disconnected unless we have a blackout which is very rare as well.
8. Raid availabity: I can raid every day. I can get all my uni work done during the day and my lectures are also during the morning/day so it won't be an issue.

Raid experience:

* Vanilla: cleared MC and BWL in a guild named Fatality on Sunstrider. Had cleared AQ40 til C'thun when Naxx came out. Then moved to Kazzak (due to the fact that a lot of raiders migrated as soon as migration opened) where i killed 8 bosses before moving back to Sunstrider for BC.
* The Burning Crusade: Went back to Sunstrider to try playing with old guildmates, but it didnt work out so I came back to Kazzak to join a guild called Stygian where I cleared SSC and TK before it disbanded at the start of BT. Then moved to Magtheridon to a guild named Agony where I cleared SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT and SWP til KJ before it disbanded. Then i joined a guild called Converge where I killed KJ before taking a break til WoLK.
* Wrath of The Lich King: Started playing late due to RL issues. Joined a guild named Fused has Fans on Tarren Mill during Ulduar. Cleared Ulduar with all HMs including Death's Demise on my DK. Whole of ToGC (the guild also achieved Immortality but I was on standby during that raid as I didn't need any loot) and ICC25 til LK25HC when the guild fell apart and we merged with Pacifism on Dragonmaw where we killed LK25HC world#54.
* Cataclysm: Played a healer priest for a few months but I didn't like the expansion overall and quit due to my guild disbanding. Cleared first raid tier on normal with several hc kills.
* The Mists of Pandaria: Started playing late when a few friends convinced me to come back. Cleared everything on normal and 2 first MV bosses on HC in ~2 weeks with Unleashed on Sunstrider before the guild fell apart (due to GM and other people wanting to raid 5-6 days a week instead of the planed 3 days) and now I'm here.

NOTE: all the bosses were killed while they were the "current content". LK25HC kill was with 5% buff.

I tried to stick to essentials with this application. For further information you can contact me via email at, Skype: mukas1337, Battle Tag: mukas#2875



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Re: Mukas - Frost DK

Post  Livvy on 5/1/2013, 21:24

The gear you are wearing is actually not that bad, but the dps that goes along with it isnt anywhere near what it should be.

To give an example of what we are looking for in a dpser is someone that knows their class in and out, we have a player in the guild playing a less favourable class (in terms of dps output) that at 20 ilvls less then you would pull almost twice the dps and sit at a 95%ile at epeen bots.
At your gear level we don't expect you to sit close to 100%ile but we do expect you to be above 80%ile. Atm you are jumping between 40-60%ile.

I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to pull your weight in this guild but thank you for applying.


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