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Zenona - Frost DK Application

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Zenona - Frost DK Application

Post  zenona on 13/2/2013, 02:29

Hello Core Crew,

About me:

My name is Yatir, 29 Years old from Israel, I work at a cloud computing company as a sales manager, mature and calm, I am married, no kids yet, having a good time playing soccer and having the best time playing wow!, Started to play wow 5 years ago, that game made me a total gamer, bought all the upgrades an mmo gamer needs that includes a very strong computer, Razer naga mouse, Steelseries headphoes + mic, Razer Keyboard and ofc my special Zalman cooling system that covers half my desk Razz..., got a very good english as I used to live in the stats for 5 years so I can comunicate very well...

My WOW story:

Started playing WOW at the start of WOTLK as a hunter, leveld it to 70 and started my DK from there, I am dedicated to it, tried most of the classes and never enjoyed as I am enjoying on my DK, at some point at the end of WOTLK I decided to go hardcore for raiding, started raiding in a guild called No Remose in Kazzak and when FL came up I moved to Innuendo at the ally side, downed Raggy hc #154 in the world, the guild was disbanded by the officers and I moved back to the horde side again to play for Amicus Guild, downed 5/8 hc through progress with them and was among the top dk's in kazzak back then..., Needed to take a break as I got married, I took a break of 4 months and went to a long trip to the far middle east, after I came back from the trip I came back to wow and joined a bunch of RL friend's guild name "Foehammer", from the start of panda we were a core group of about 8-9 very dedicated and ambitious players and after 1-2 months we were allready progressed through and were 3/16 hc, suddenly our MT and OT decided to quit wow and due to struggling to find some more dedicated and skilled players like us who can keep up with our agenda to climb up the kazzak realm ladder we decided to disbanned the guild, we didnt really had a choice there for 3 months now we have found ourselfs cancelling raid nights..., I am really sad it happened, I love Foehammer... but in order to keep up with the end game contents, I must search for a new home (guild) that follows the same agenda as mine, As a part of my searches after a guild, I found you guys on wowprogress site, you got way better progress then I do but I can assure you that I am jumping into it like a butter on a bread Razz, you guys sound serious, got a good progress and you're searching for top notch players..., I consider myself very addicted to wow especialy for the PVE part, PVP might be a little less, though I find it fun when I am playing with my friends in RBG's, When I started raiding at the middle of WOTLK I fell in love and never stopped raiding end game contents since... and I wont stop unless blizz will ban me for good!, I allready decided that I will play wow to its very very end, just love that game, never really played something else and I cant really think about having another game in my life apart of it! ( like a second woman Wink ).

My internet connection:

ping: 15ms
Download speed: 100.60 Mbps
Upload Speed: 4.1 Mbps
*Got a dedicated gamer line through one of the biggest companys in Israel (Thats cause of my job in real life Razz)

PC hardware specifics:

2nd Generation Intel Core i7-3820 10M Cache, Overclocked up to 4.2 GHz
Windows 7 Professional 64Bit
32GB Q DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
3TB 7200 RPM SATA 3Gb/s

In game latency:

60 Fps on Ultra during fights
30-50 ms at all times

Character name:


Armory link:

About my class, gameplay, readiness and general info:

Current progression: 5/16 hc
Main Spec – Frost Dps
Current Item level - 499
Presence: Frost
Weapon: 2H

Rotations and CD's:

Single target rotation:

Using Army of the Dead + strength potion (using potion twice in a single fight) as a pre-pull as part of my opener,

Using Outbreak to add Frost fever and Blood plague on the target (more dps for my main ability – Obliterate) and maintaining it during all by refreshing Frost Fever with Howling Blast (on rime proc only! – free Howling Blast) and refreshing Blood plague by using Plague Strike, both refreshers will be used 1.5 sec before the diseases falls off, that way I won't lose their uptime on the target at all fight, the goal is to have 100% diseases uptime on the target, always using Outbreak again to add both of the diseases on the target when cd is finished (although I will wait for the diseases to almost fall off the target (1.5) and only then I will use it).

Got an aura combo when all my trinket procs + potion + pillar of frost are up (that’s for pulling raise dead at the start of the fight – that way my ghoul will benefit from all of it at once and it maximizing its dps).

Starting with Obliterate as my opener after the above until all runes are down, then starting to use Frost strikes to lose all of the runic power, of course Obliterate is #1 priority so I am hitting it as long as the runes are back and of course when Killing machine procs (doesn’t matter if I got more runic left), then going back to my rotation above.

During the fight when BL/TW is up I am saving my ghoul and bring him up the second time along with another potion and pillar of frost cd (always using pillar of frost cd when available – every minute).

Using Horn of winter to gain extra runic power and refreshing its raid buff, using it only when I get down time during the fight (that way I won't lose any dps priority wise on the target),

If the target is on 36%, I will start using my executer Soul Reaper (it affects the target only from 35%, using it 1 sec before it on 36% from the main reason, to get the best out of it, as it adds a buff on the target which hit after 5 sec (so the target will be less than 35% when it will hit) for 100% weapon damage + 120-150k dps (procs with my stats).

Last but not least The Empower Rune Weapon CD (5 minutes), refreshes immediately all the runes, using it when an execute phase is up and bursting is needed, hitting the target pretty much hard (Imagine 3 Obliterates, 5 Frost Strikes straight Razz) ,

So all of the above was on a single target fight, when I have let's say a fight like Elegon for example, I will take Glyph of pestilence that adds 5 more yards for my diseases spreading and I will also add the Rolling Blood talent so when I enter the orb phase I will spread the diseases to all of the orbs,

1. It helps to the other dpsers to nuke them down.
2. Loads of damage increase.

AOE Rotation (3 targets and up):

Combining Outbreak + Blood Boil along with Rolling Blood Talent to spread diseases, keeping Death and Decay down, Using Howling Blast as the main hit (unlike single target which is Obliterate from the simple reason at it takes the same Runes and here that’s an AOE! And HB is an animal when 3 targets are available), spamming Frost strike when I am close to capping the runic power, refreshing Blood plague disease with Plague Strike (frost fever isn’t needed to be refreshed as Howling blast – is always being used refreshes it automatically), and again refreshing the diseases with Blood Boil.

Other cd's and defensive cd's:

AMS – Using it a sec before magic damaging are coming.
IF – Using it at situations of mass damage taking, reduces all incoming damage by 20%.
Dark Simulacrum – Spell steal mana based opp ability's.
Death Grip – very useful when there adds around and tanks needs help with pulling them, also very useful for example on Tsulong fight – day phase – ("damn the add will get to the boss!, no worries I will grip him back to me!!!, love that part Razz, you feel a hero).
Anti-Magic Shell – Raid CD, magic absorption bubble.
Raise Ally – CR during fights, got it on mouse over keybind.

Talents and Glyphs:

All depends on the actual fight I am getting into (got 600 tome of clear mind cause of it Razz), for example:


Tier 1: When there is a fight were there are more than 1 target I will take roiling blood for the spreading ability (better then Pestilence as Blood boil does damage while pestilence doesn’t and it requires the same rune to use), When there is 1 target only fight, I will take Unholy Blight and will use it as an extra refresher for the diseases on the target.

Tier 2: Usually uses Anti-Magic Zone as that’s a raid CD that can help absorbing mass magic damage, there are certain fights that I am using Lichborne for example Sha of Fear fight when sha sends you to the add platform, I am using it when he casts his arrows and that way I am not getting feared and I am gaining extra 30 seconds of dps from a simple calculation.

Tier 3: Mostly using Death's advance which gives me the ability to run faster from time to time when needed and passively 10% more running speed at all times, at a certain fights I will use Chilblains ability when needed to nuke adds fast and slow them down like on Feng's hc fight or just to kite adds, used it at the start of panda when tanks were papers (gear wise) on Grand Empress Shek'zeer for example, used to kite a group of adds around until killed.

Tier 4: Using Death Siphon most of the time, can't see something better than that for an extra healing on a run on chaotic cases such as running between tornados between phases on blade lord fight or running back to Elegon after killing the orb and got mass damage cause of orb explosions, that ability have 40yd range, saved me a lot of times.

Tier 5: Using Runic Empowerment, what can you ask more for a 45% chance to refresh a rune to death rune which means almost extra free Obliterate.

Tier 6: Using Remorseless Winter usually as it gives a mass CC opportunity every 1 minute, for example, very useful for Lei-Shi fight when you need to CC the adds, or on Elegon fight when the small adds regrouping (really annoying ones) after the pillars phase, I will use Gorefiend's Grasp when tanks will need help to bring a lot of adds to them in 1 time so they won't kill the raid, Desecrated Ground I will use when needed to prevent fearing situations (I will take it along with Lichborne on sha fight as my backup preventer).

Major Glyphs:

Usually Playing Between:

Glyph of Pestilence – adds 5 yards more for the spreading ability (either by Blood Boil along with Roiling Blood talent or by pestilence itself – not worth using).

Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell – adds an absorb to all incoming magical damage up to the absorption limit of AMS.

Glyph of Dark Simulacrum – gives 30 sec decrease on the ability cd and increases its duration by 4 sec.

Glyph of Death and Decay – slow enemy's by 50% who walking through it.

Glyph of shifting presences – Gives me the ability to change between presence without losing all of the gain runic power, good for situations like when u need to move faster during a fight, so you switch presence to UH and not losing the extra Frost Strikes (dps).

Minor Glyphs are just not that important at the moment apart of 2 decent ones:

Glyph of Tranquil Grip – gives the ability to death grip adds to your spot without taunting them to you, usually very useful on Lei-shi fight on the add phase.

Glyph of path of frost –reduces damage taking of falling down.

Off Spec – Blood Tanking:
Current Item level – 490

Playing it very well, I love tanking, know that spec like the bottom of my hand, can tell you a lot more like I did with my dps (not sure if you want that Razz, It will be long!, if you do, I would, np), I can tank anytime, I am investing in it, gemmed, enchanted and reforged to the top notch.

Key Bindings:

I am a total freak when it comes to key bindings,

I am using:

1,2,3,4,5, alt+1,alt+2,alt+3,alt+4,alt+5, ctrl, R, F, `, Shift+1, Shift+2, Shift+3 - that’s on my keybored

Num1 – Num12, B4, B5, B3 – that’s on my naga

You won't find any ability on a click even my HS (home/inn) is on a key bind!, that’s how strict I am when it comes o binds.

Stats, gemming, enchants and reforging:

I always prioritize strength=haste (gives more obliterate procs) above anything else as that’s my main dps resource, which means that any item with a strength bonus will be welcomed on my char, of course that I am aware of the other stats that needs to get my attention, so I am going for Expertise 7.50% = Hit 7.50%-->Haste-->Crit-->Mastery, the only minus that I can see (although all the dk's are using it) is the feet enchant - I dont care for mastery in my current build but that extra run speed increase is just too good to waste, so I do prefer that enchant over a hit/hase enchant.

I am working with a friend's kind of a simcraft program that he made and know exactly how to reforge for the best stats possibly from my gear.

Food, Flask and Potions:

Food - 300 Strength got stocks of it!
Flask – Winter's Bite (strength).
Potion - Strength Potion (using it twice a fight).

You will never see me without it even during trash!

My Professions:

Blacksmithing – 600 – give extra 2 sockets.
Jewlcrafting – 600 – give 2 extra big gems.

My add-ons list:

Shadowed Unit Frams
Deadly Boss Mods
Chinchilla mini map
Weak Auras
Titan Panel
Omni CC
Quick Mark
Skada Damage meter

General info:

I am always watching movies, guides and news about my dk, I know how the mechanics of this game works and I am always benefiting myself from it, I am very competitive when it comes to logs and dps, I am coming ready and focused to every raid after I watched movies and guides.

I can use ts3, vent and mumble,

I am doing coins cap for extra loots and valor cap for item upgrades every reset! Even if that means that I will sleep 3-4 hours a night.

In-game kill I am most proud of:

Ragnaros Heroic #154 in the world

Most recent logs link:
search for zenona on those pages or go straight to wow heroes and check my char.

My UI screenshot:

Last few things:

I have read your guild vision and rules and I am totally agree with it, your raiding days and times fits me perfectly, I can allways give an extra hour or two for the "boss kill" even after the raid hours,

I hope that you'll give me the chance to prove myself..., I am coming for the long term!, can join you guys imidiatly as we are done with FoeHammer.

Best Regards


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Re: Zenona - Frost DK Application

Post  Sveberg on 13/2/2013, 02:54

Your logs arent that bad tbh. I know nothing about DK's even tho i have a lvl 80 one.
One question, i thought frost DK's had better dps with double main hand? Or was that maybe in cata.. Smile


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Re: Zenona - Frost DK Application

Post  zenona on 13/2/2013, 03:28

Hello there mate, 
There is a little as 0.5k to the duel wield spec (dps wise), and also its just depends on the fight duel wield is good for fights where there are more then 2 targets and again the diff will be very very small, this is not cata days anymore like it used to be (if u didnt get two 1 handed weps u were screwed and in mop u actually have the choice to choose how your playstyle as a dk will be (thanks blizz for that tbh), also if you will check wow logs you will find that 2h and duel wield specs on the top board together...


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Re: Zenona - Frost DK Application

Post  Harry on 13/2/2013, 04:07

Only thing i can spot wrong with this after a quick skim through is the glyph of shifting prescence, surely just using Death's advance is more of a DPS gain during Movement, as going into unholy pres will let you keep your runic power, but, your frost strikes will cost 15 more runic power, so after a couple strike you've theoretically lost 1 more strike, if you get what i mean.
But i'm pretty picky like that lol!
The rest of the app looks pretty good though!

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Re: Zenona - Frost DK Application

Post  zenona on 13/2/2013, 04:33

Hey Lakita,

I got to disagree with you Smile
Thats one of the main reasons That I am playing with the glyphs and changing them on certain fights, to avoid such things, If I could run faster with UH presence + Death's Advance lets say for example:
On Blade lord fight (on normal mode only (hc mode u just run on the stream to get to the other side) ) running through the tornados between the phases, Imagine that I will be at the other side dpsing the boss 4 secs faster, in terms of melee dps 4 secs is alot of time to tear up the boss, not to mention that I am hitting him while runing to him with Howling Blast which scales way better with UH pres (rune refreshing wise) so in that case it will give me much more dps on that part, so I am going to ask you what is 1 Frost Strike worth if you compare it to 4 secs of pure dps on boss + Bunch of HB's while running hitting him..., its all about thinking before each boss on how can I get that extra 2k dps on him and help the raid kill the boss faster,

Its all about which fight you are going into...


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Re: Zenona - Frost DK Application

Post  Harry on 13/2/2013, 04:36

Good answer ^.^
I have a 90 DK but it's like, a mega alt to the point of which it gathers dust at the bottom of my login screen, it was just something that caught my eye!
You seem to know your shit though so i'll shut up now!

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Re: Zenona - Frost DK Application

Post  Sveberg on 13/2/2013, 05:11

Your gear is up to date atleast, thats a pluss. its better than mine aswell.
But my main concern is that you don't have 'knowledge' of alot of heroic fights.
When i say that, i mean you haven't killed them. But we all know theres shitloads of youtube videos etc of them. So that doesn't mean you cannot come unprepared even though you haven't killed them before.

When that is said, theres alot of different tactics, so obviously you cannot come 100% prepared if we use another tactic etc.

My conclusion to this is that if we are gonna let you trial, come prepared.
Read up / learn the fights in advance, because if you've read what this guild is about, is that we are casual. We do not raid 24/7, so we simply don't have time to spend it on relearning the fights we have on farm.


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Re: Zenona - Frost DK Application

Post  zenona on 13/2/2013, 07:04

I dont like to be carried, I wont let myself come unprepared, thats not my goal, my goal is to catch up with you guys as obviously I am a bit behind in progress, also I am a fast tactic learner so if there is something that you're doing else than what I know, I will catch it pretty quick.


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Re: Zenona - Frost DK Application

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