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Bålthazar - Disc/Holy Priest

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Bålthazar - Disc/Holy Priest

Post  Balthazar on 6/7/2013, 18:34

Name: Al-Amin
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Location: Egypt ( for the summer only ) / USA (raiding will be unaffected)
Profession: Student, and I'm double majoring in Sociology and Psychology
Class: Priest
Armory Link:

Hello, there. My name is Al-Amin, or just Al for short, and I'm writing this application in hopes of sparking an interest in my acceptance as a Trialist.

I've just recently found out about your recruitment through, so I hope to make a good first impression. I've been a WoW player since Vanilla Beta on my US account when I used to live there. Granted of course I had received the beta from a family member's friend as practically an eleven year old boy, but those memories and experiences are still vividly remembered.

Main points:

A) As a raider, I am committed solely to the cause of the guild and the betterment of my performance as well as enhancing the overall effort to ensure the guild reaches its goals smoothly.

I chose Discipline back in Wrath during early Ulduar times for many a reason. Main reasons were the facts that they offer unique healing methods as well as lowering a raid's total damage intake by a marginal amount. Before that, I was a human mage on Area 52 who had just begun to raid before SWP by a while.

B) Past experiences: I've had begun raiding seriously early WoTLK, as I won't count the tbc raids as I had just moved to the Middle east right after sunwell came out, so I had to redo everything on my European account.

Wotlk- Naxx 25/10 man fully cleared during its time (mage/hpala then), Ulduar 25 and 10 man cleared (hpala and Dpriest), ToGC 10 and 25 man 4/5 HC and 5/5 Normal, ICC Full clear on 10 man and 25 man much earlier before the Halion Patch. I had stopped before heroic progression in ICC due to real life reasons.

Cataclysm- T11 full normal clear 9/13 Heroic, Firelands 7/7 Normal 6/7 heroic. Dragonsoul 6/8 heroic (guild broke up at spine)

Mists of Pandaria- I've cleared everything on normal, but I haven't begun doing heroics due to college and enforced casual play (although began heroics with jin'rokh on 10 man).

C) Performance, Stats priority, Roles

Performance: When it comes to performance, I make sure to overwork shielding and absorption as much as possible as that is the main focus behind my main spec. When the raw raid healing is adequate, my absorption really shines as it leaves me more time to focus on damage mitigation than assisting with healing when it's not needed.

Stats: After reviewing a lot of information and logs and calculations on both MMO, WoL, Askmrrobot, EJ, and even Icy-veins, I've decided to go for the more HPS+ oriented stat, and the most reliable one for more absorption when it comes down to comparing it with the other secondary stats: Spirit until around 10k, then Crit > Mastery > Haste

Crit is the breadwinner for 10 mans, whilst mastery and crit provide higher throughput support than in 10 mans/25 mans.

Role: My roles are of the most basic, but I am versatile as switching between them as the raid demands. I can easily tank heal as well as raid heal to provide the performance needed for a raid's survivability.

D) Addons used to improve performance:

Grid, Gridpriestaoe, Gridtotalabsorbs, xperl, RSA (raid spell announcer), SCT (for displaying buffs and misc info), DBM, Tidyplates, Weakaruas ( for meta gem proc / shield spammage / PoM tracker )

Picture of UI:

E) Talents/Glyphs/Professions

I'll cut down to the performance enhancing talents, which are the last two tiers. Depending on the raid damage and how severe it is, I'd most definitely go for Twists of Faith to provide higher absorbs/heals, otherwise Power Infusion leads due to the cheaper mana costs and returns for PW:S. Divine Insight is also quite remarkable for tank healing, but tank healing alone.

I normally use Cascade/Divine Star over Halo as they require less time to be optimized when compared to Halo.

I have fully maxed out Tailoring and Enchanting. (tailoring is considered amongst the top and highly recommended for caster). And I've had enchanting ever since I began this account, so I stuck with it (the ring enchants are also quite nice)

Cascade = spread fights
Divine Star = Stacked fights

-Glyphs I use: Penance, Binding Healing (For ji-kun-esque nest scenarios), and Weakened Soul

F) Rotations:

There is basically no set-in-stone rotation for a healer, as heals are called for situationally - fast heals/instant absorbs/shield for emergency, SS before predicted raid damage, etc...

H) Guild History: During my time in early Cata I was with Fang after I had transferred from Status from Stormscale. I had left status as the guild had fallen apart, so I transferred to Kazzak. I left fang due to inappropriate behavior of two of the officers. Since then, I had stayed a short while with Ember as the guild was plummeting in a very unpleasant direction. For the rest of Cataclysm, I spent most of my time with my best friends in a small 10 man guild, which broke up shortly before MoP was released as 2-3 people had quit the game. During that timeframe, I shortly had to go casual for college. I'm leaving my current guild as I'll be focusing on Hardcore raiding once again!  

I) Expectations of the guild and what can the guild expect from me: Mature behavior, positive raiding atmosphere, the urge for betterment, and a few jokes wouldn't be too bad ;p .

J) Do I know anyone in the guild?

Unfortunately, I don't. But I do hope I will soon.

K) Internet Connection/Microphone

I do have a working microphone and I am vocal if need be.

PS I'll be sure to provide a link to LFR WoL, as I lack any for this expansion and for the reason of not being more than casual due to college these past months.


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Re: Bålthazar - Disc/Holy Priest

Post  Balthazar on 7/7/2013, 04:13

I'd like to withdraw my application. Thank you for taking the time to read it, though. Best of luck on your endeavors.


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