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Chral - Fury Warrior

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Chral - Fury Warrior

Post  Chral on 13/6/2013, 09:53

Name: Angel Latkoski / Ranko Srbakoski
From: Skopje (Macedonia)
Age: 22/26

I'll be honest from the beggining so here it is. We're 2 guys playing on the account becuase of our finnancial situation. It's so when one can't make it, the other logs and so. We're perfectly cordinated and want you to be aware so there won't be any mistunderstandings. And the Angel is writing the application so kudos to him Razz
I work as a Java developer in a software development company in Skopje.
About my personality, as other people see me, I'm to be said a friendly, open person who is always open for a new friendship. Sometimes I'm a bit impatient (I will be for the answer of this application ), but nothing much significant, or being a problem during the progress. I'd gladly do something in order to help someone who needs my help.
About my hobbies, there are few. I'm a big fan of movies and TV series. I have a collection full of "Blu-Ray" movies and series :yarrr:, downloaded and watched over the years. I'd gladly recommend some movie or a TV series if anyone ever needs a suggestion .
I'm neat, dedicated, someone who you can depend on and someone who will gives nothing but his best. Give me a trial and I'll die proving that it's worth it having me in the raid!
That pretty much sums who I am, and who you may raid with!

Name: Chral
Race: Tauren
Class: Warrior
Played time: 71 days, 9 hours
Talent build: At 15 I get Double Time which enables me to charge more often in fights that require more mobility. At 30 I get Second Wing, even tho Impending Victory looks like better option with instant on demand heal and posible dps filler I have found myself in more situations where Second Wind saves my ass. At 45 I get Stagering Shout which I use in scenarios with adds running around then I take Dragon's Roar. Then at 75 I take Safeguard and as a last one I take Bloodbath because I find that I have bigger dps gain with that than with Avatar at the moment. I use these three glyphs Glyph of Unending Rage, Glyph of Recklessness and Glyph of Death From Above. The gemming goes by the stat prioritization, after soft hit and expertise cap I gem for crit rating. and I am willing to change to prot if needed.
Proffesions: Blacksmithing (600), Jewelcrafting (600), all of the secondary professions to 600 except Archelogy (working on it)
Armory profile:
Current guild: Bloodreign
Previous guild(s):Reality, DreamCatchers, BlackAngelsDivison, Perfect Circle EU.

Activity: depends when not having a raid, usually all day long, I have 6 90s and constanly farming gold etc. 99% available for raids.
Raiding experience:
At the time I started playing World of Warcraft at 2007 I wasn't that financially good to allow myself the luxury of playing WoW on retail. I started playing on a private server that time called Wowscape (later Scapegaming) on a Blizzlike 3x realm. I got the first touch with WoW in a net cafe in my neighborhood and I started Alliance 😊. Leveled up a human warrior to level 70, named Deathwarior (lol), with full professions of Enchanting and Mining and I had a 70 Druid too. I wasn't that skilled at the time as I am now, but I had full clears of Black Temple,Hyjal Summit and Sunwell Plateau. Not to sound too much narcistic a few guilds have asked me to join their roster because I was one of the best tanks of that time on that server. I was full tier 6 at that time. After that the server was shutted and I had to find a new blizzlike realm. I played on Magic-Wow for almost full WOTLK except ICC, patch 3.3. Raided through whole Ulduar, ToGC (heroic and normal). I had multiple characters there and as I said everywhere I was giving my best and had success almost 100% of the tries. Finally on the Icecrown Citadel patch, 3.3 I went to Molten and I leveled up all 10 classes, but this time, FOR THE HORDE. I was assistan in the first realm's guild - Paradox (US guild) which cleared full ICC realm first (heroic wasn't available on Molten). I was playing 12 hours at night then. Hell of a times...
And for Cataclysm now.. When Cataclysm hit it was feeling too much pointless to continue playing on private server (too much bugs, too long to fix them and the GMs weren't dedicated 100% on the work) and decided to save some money and buy the games. At mid Cata that happened. I bought all the games and started on Kazzak EU, on 18th of May 2011. A lot of time has been spent on crappy private servers that I have nothing left from. From then I've been playing my character Chral which I'm really connected to. I've been in several good guilds as I said.
MoP experience:
10/16 heroic 5.0, and 12/12 normal ToT (got a bit late into the patch, finishing college etc.)

Internet speed: 7 mbit/s

Configuration: I run a PC that I customly made it. It has CPU of Intel Core i5-3570 3.4 GHz., graphic card nVIdia 640 GTX - 2GB and 8 GB DDR3 RAM. Have a microphone and headphones and willing to use any communication programme (TS, Mumble, Ventrilo)

I am running a constantly 60+ fps in raid combat. I can use fraps without any problems at 30 fps.

It'd be my honour to join your roster and to become a part of a friendly and dedicated community.
Regards, Chral.


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Re: Chral - Fury Warrior

Post  hmstr on 13/6/2013, 10:22

Favourite movie(s)/series? very important.


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Re: Chral - Fury Warrior

Post  Livvy on 14/6/2013, 21:37

Do you both play the same char or are you just sharing the account and have your own chars?

My main problem with applicants when they don't post logs or have a solid epeen is that I don't have anything to go on. Written language is lacking which can cause an issue for coms, but for all I know your english might be great when speaking. We've taken in applicants like that before. Experiencewise your char Chral has not done much in the latest content.

The best I can say is come along for one of our altruns. 12/12 normal runs where you could try to woo us with your dps.

But to be completely honest with us having a warrior already in our roster we wouldn't want anyone that can't perform at an equal level. With that I don't mean the dps needs to be the same, as gear won't be the same, its about the usage of abilties.

Based on your application we would have to decline you, but if you think you got what it takes we are happy to give you a chance to show us otherwise in an altrun. I'm afraid we don't raid enough to tryout every applicant in our mainraids.



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Re: Chral - Fury Warrior

Post  Nheali on 15/6/2013, 21:59

HEY! Fury warrior here! First of all, you should play around with your reforging you can get more crit out of your gear, also you got ALOT of wrong gems, gemming strength is not really viable at all right now. 
From the few logs i found you must be doing something terribly wrong seeing your dragon's roar is third on your damage on lei shen i think it was. Also saw some Durumu log where bloodthirst was up there which isnt good at all >.<

Anyway would be alot easier to see what you're doing wrong if you'd come to an alt raid but to be honest i dont think you're really what we're looking for, seeing as you'll be going up against me for the melee spot i must say your chances are very slim, all you'd do is feeding my ego!

Not trying to be mean or whatever, just think you should read up abit more on warriors perhaps practise on your rotation.

Sorry if my spelling is shit, im still kinda drunk!


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Re: Chral - Fury Warrior

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