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Blood/Frost DK jadeegr

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Blood/Frost DK jadeegr

Post  sscorpion65 on 27/5/2013, 06:10

Personal Information
Name : Kostas
Age : 25
Country : Greece
Character Information
Armory link :

Dps WoL : dps frost -

Tank WoL :
About tank WoL i had not a challenge fight for a long time, i hope this lei shen one can show you some stuff.

Glyphs & Gemming :
About glyphs & gemming i no wanna get in details now, as the reasons are posted around the internet. Usually i modify my char according elitistjerks guides and askmrrobot. Though if you need more info at this ask me Smile

Spec Applying :
For me do not matter much. My both specs are around 518ilvl, and i am playing both.So whatever suits better the guild at every raid. As person i preffer a bit to dps as i was a combat rogue at WoTLK and at Cataclysm

Reason for leaving my current guild :
I no like get bench for semi - active guys or for guys with ilvl506, especially when i started raiding with them at thursday and i was in with 2 puggers and being patience 1 hour to pass first boss on hc. Then we tried jikun hc and i had no mistakes from my side as a tank. I suppose they wanted just to make their roster a bit bigger so they cna cover their semi-active friends/officers. So i need a guild which really need a meele for it's rank. In general as for now 2 months have not a real challenging raid i am hungry for one.
Addional information :
In general i am a guy who accepts critism and usually if i do a mistake i ask it for it before the officer comes to me saying it. In general i try improve myself as much is possible at w/e aspect of it.
I know that this is a bit short but i put in all the importand stuff that i judge that you need so you have a good theoritically opinion of me. If you need more stuff just ask me Smile


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Re: Blood/Frost DK jadeegr

Post  Livvy on 2/6/2013, 03:29

Sorry to say you have not been chosen on this occassion.

Thanks for applying!


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