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Hunter Danwo

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Hunter Danwo

Post  danwo on 20/6/2013, 21:58

Name and Class Danwo Hunter 

Age and Location 23 Norway 

Specc in which you want to join and play BM/SV/MM 

What Guild(s) were you in before and why did you leave them? 
Pwnanza (trial), was there for a short amount of time couse of time pressure and other stuff. I have been in other medicore guilds where I saw no future and I left them. Was in Winds of Creation (raider) before Pwnanza with 2 friends, they left guild and it was not a guild to be in, bad officers etc they changed to 10 man after 25 man, and maybe disbaned, not sure. Before I winds of creation I was in a 10 man guild made by some members from Solidarity was called Penguin something, fresh guild, early 10 man which ended up missing players. Solid guilds I have been in is solidarity (raider) and infamous (raider). Cant remember further back. Solidarity I left couse it turned into a bad guild, and they disbaned. Infamous I left couse they disbaned. 

What raid experience do you have (Vanilla wow to MoP)
All on this hunter I apply with. 

TOT 6/13 

TES 4/4 HC 

HOF 6/6 HC 

MV 6/6 HC 

DS 8/8 HC played in infamous and solidarity. stabile true early 2011 - late 2012. 

FL 7/7 HC 

Link your armory profile here: 

Write a short text about yourself I am 23 yeears. Just done 3 years bachelor degree in sociology and media. I live in Norway. I am competative as a person, I enjoy real life and when I play wow I try my best and aim high. 

I have 300 days played, I worked with stocks, played handball, been couch. When I go for 100 % in something I aim high. 

So far I have been in a guild like solidarity, infamous, adicts and more. I have been in medicore guilds for a short amount of time before I join more hardcore ones. Lately I have been buzy and it was hard to be hardcore player while I was writing bachelor task so I had 2 month wow break. 

I am competative and enjoy playing wow in good enviroment. At mine hardcore raiding I have been aiming for top 10 ranks trueout DS, after that I got a bit buzy and been unlucky with guilds. So need to start over again. If I want to get them high ranks I play on PTR/BETA, doing LFR to test hunter talents and min max. 

Willing to farm, upgrade your gear and be ready with every extra requirement an encounter will need: 
Ofc, beta, ptr... 

Which websites do you frequently visit to help you with improving your character in and out of raids?: 
ask mr robot 

Explain your rotation Single Target / Aoe: 
Hunters mark 
Prepot macro with rapid fire and dire beast 
Serpent sting 
Bestial Wrath with all cdes like enginering, blood fury, rabid 
Kill comand, glaive toss, arcane 
Spamming arcane + kill comand until bestial wrath is off and meenwhile stampede and readines 
All over again making sure to dont overlapp cdes. 

that was BM single target burst etc. 

If I go foe ao eis fairly simple with SV spec, spamming multishot and trap 

Are you applying with full best enchants/gems to your gear? If not type what you are missing before we spot it ourselves: 
I apply with best gems/ench but miss some gear due to afk from wow for 2-3 months. 

Link a wmo or wws of any recent raid you participated in (if possible): 

Link a Screenshot of your UI on a 25-man raid with FULL features you use: 

Do you have a bad pc / lag issues / disconnects / fail isp / ANY kind of performance problems?: 
No all is fine. 

Lastly, what do you expect from the Guild and why did you choose it?: 
Soild, stabile guild good atmosphere with ppl that try their best in raids and are prepared etc. 

Details on your raiding days and rl stuff that hinders you from specific days (fill in the table chart below first): 
Have lots of time now and in future. 


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Re: Hunter Danwo

Post  Wazbeer on 20/6/2013, 23:17

Good application, someone with more DPS knowhow will come and reply soon, the old logs are impressive but here's something a little more recent (just so others don't have to look you up)


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