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Northstaate - Frost DK!

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Northstaate - Frost DK!

Post  Northstaate on 15/4/2013, 10:47

General Information
Name: Daniel Clausen Døj (Please dont spam my facebook :p )
Gender: Male.
Age: 23.
Location: Denmark.

Character Information

Character name: Northstaate.
Class: Death Knight.
Main Spec: Frost.
Off-Spec: Blood.

Armory Link:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Im a 23 year old uemployed player from the country up north called Denmark, I just started playing WoW again, and loving it so far, quit the game back in 5.1, right after Terrace came out, played Diablo alot, got sick of it, and then went back to wow 2 days ago.
I play as much as I can, cause I dont got anything better to do :p

Explain your talent build and your rotation:
I am currently playing 2H Hastefrost.
My stat priorities as 2H hastefrost is: Hit to cap > Expertise to cap > Haste > Mastery > Crit.
My glyphs is what I most enjoy playing with atm, I tend to switch them out, but thats all about which fight I am going into.
The talents are standalone 2H Frost talents, I tend to replace Corefiend's Grasp out with Remorseless Winter if there are alot of adds on a Boos fight that needs to be stunned, like Feng HC.
My gemming as 2H hastefrost is:
Red > Fierce Vermillion Onyx - +80 Strenght and +160 Haste.
Meta > Reverberating Primal Diamond - +216 Strength and 3% Increased Critical Effect.
Yellow > Quick Sun's Radience - +320 Haste.
Blue > Lightning Wild Jade - +160 Haste and +160 Hit.
The rotation is:
1. Always maintain Frost Fever and Blood Plaugue, Howling Blast/Outbreak for Frost Fever, Plaugue Strike/Outbreak for blood plaugue.
2. Soul Reaper on target below 35% Health.
3. Howling Blast with Rime or to refresh Frost Fever.
4. Obliterate with Killing Machine.
5. Frost Strike with 0 Frost Runes or to dump RP.
6. Obliterate with 2 Blood, Frost, or Unholy Runes.
I got around 480 Blood Offspec, and know my playstyle as blood, since I have played it alot back in the days, and some in MoP.

World of Logs reports:
^^I know I slack a bit on the soul reaper and blood plague, but got distracted because my phone was ringing.

How well can you play your off-spec, and would you be willing to change spec if asked?
I can play it really well, and I dont might tanking, but I enjoy dps more, but if the guild needs a tank, I can jump in and make it happen.

UI Screenshot(s):

Raiding experience:
I started playing WoW at the end of Lich King, had a hunter back then, that I quickly switched out with a DK in Cataclysm.
Cataclysm: I was in a Danish guild called Dirtbags, I did 6/13HC as an on and off Blood DK/Frost DK.
I then transfered to Kazzak at the Firelands raid, I joined a guild called nWo, did 4/7HC with that guild.
Left the guild and started up a guild with 2 friends called Inviction (current guild) was Officer, and raidleader sometimes.
We then took 6/7HC, and Raggy HC after nerf.
We then moved on to DS, and had a good and solid Roster, we did 8/8HC 1 week before the 15% Nerf, so did 8/8HC at 10% nerf. I got some Decent ranks in ds, and was proud of myself Smile
Then MoP came out, and was filled with new energy, atleast I thought so.
Did 6/6N MSV, 3/6HC MSV.
6/6N HoF.
4/4N TES, and then decided to quit the game, because of my current job back then.
I then came back 2 days ago, and entered a whole new lvl of WoW, so I have only managed to do LFR on ToT so far, but maybe you can change that Smile

What guilds have you been in and what are your reasons for leaving?
Dirtbags - Boulderfist: Left because they stopped raiding.
nWo - Kazzak: Left because I decided to make a guild with 2 friends.
Inviction - Kazzak: Founder of the guild, came back to wow, demoted to social, didnt have any raiding spots, got frustrated and left.

What is your /Played ?
130 Days.

Additional Information
Is there anyone or anything that will affect you availability? (Work, school, ...)

^^^Nope, nothing at all.

Why would you like to join Core Crew?
Well, I currently dont have any raiding spot in my current guild, and then looked at wowprogress, to see who needed a awesome DK, and there you where. Looked around your homepage, wowprogress and so on, and thought you sounded like an good guild, that would fit my needs, and really just want to raid again, so couldnt see anything against not making an apply.
And I seek a raiding guild, that is more then just casual, I hate just doing LFR and Daileys every day, I want the real stuff, and then you needed a melee, and I was like, hell to the fucking yeah, im want to be a part of this guild.

Why should we pick you?

I hope you will give me the chance to prove that I can play at this level. Personally I have no doubt that I’m able to perform . I'm always prepared to perform my best , and it doesn’t matter if the raid have been going for 10 minutes, and 6 hours, I'm a very focused player. I can promise you that I will be 110% prepared for new bosses and progress, I hate it if I'm not 100% sure what happening on a encounter, and when and why its happening. I don’t like being surprised on progress, I always wanna be one step ahead, so I always know what happens next.

Are you able to talk on Teamspeak?

Yes, I am, I talk alot sometimes Very Happy

Is your internet connection stable? What are your MS and FPS during raids?

Its stable, Ms is around 60, and fps 80.

Please add any additional information you think would be relevant:
Well, I got some videoes I made back in the MSV time, you maybe want to see, its me filming, and edited, and then you can see my playstyle, and so on live Smile
Enjoy. - Gara'jal. - Spirit Kings.


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Re: Northstaate - Frost DK!

Post  Livvy on 15/4/2013, 12:47

Thanks for applying. I'm afraid you are not quite what we are looking for. Wishing you the best & welcome back to wow.

/Core Crew


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