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Toxicate - Hunter BM/SV

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Toxicate - Hunter BM/SV

Post  toxi1011 on 21/5/2013, 07:03

Name: Carlos
Age: 20
Location: UK (born in uk but whole family originally from italy)
Occupation: Student (College)
About myself and interests: I like playing wow, love to raid, have laugh with my mates while playing game, go gym, play footy sometimes, play ps3 and have game of fifa now and then, im friendly person who isnt afraid to help others, take game seriously when shit gets real lol.

Computer spec and connection: 3.40GHZ i3 3225 Ivy Bridge, 8GB Ram, ATI GPU (buying new one in future, this GPU which i got atm doesn't affect my performance what so ever), Internet speed is: 17.6MB download speed, 1.5MB upload, unlimited usage.

Connection (ping to Sweden; kazzak server is in Sweden): 51ms

Name: Toxicate
Class: Hunter
Realm: Kazzak
Armory Profile (make sure you are logged on Main Spec):

Total /Played Time: 61 days, 13 hours


Why did i pick my class you ask? I Personally enjoy hunter class the most as its great on movement fights, ranged dps are more viable in raids than melee and also its great dps class.

Proffesions: Professions are engineering since i love 1min cd burst which i macro with beastial wrath and inscription for 320 extra agility on the shoulder for passive agility bonus and both are 600.


Pre-Pot, Serpent Sting > Stampede, BW ( macro'd with synapse strings), Dire Beast, Amoc, Kill Command, Glaive Toss, Arcane shot untill kill command, readiness, kill command and do standard rotation: Kill command, Glaive Toss, BW, Dire beast, once runs out, use cobra shot, arcane shot to dump focus and kill command + glaive toss on cd.

Websites i visit to improve and keep uo to date with class:

SImulationCraft, Icy-Veins, Noxxic.


Keybinds and UI:

Keybinds: 1) Arcane Shot, 2) CObra shot, 3) Kill command, 4) Serpent Sting, 5) Glaive Toss, 6) Frenzy, 7) Silencing Shot, Cool BW, 9) macro which normaly heals me and pet and shift+8 does scatter shot, 0) Kill Shot, M = AMOC, F = Dire Beast, N = Rapid Fire, C = Disengage, R4 = Explosive Trap, R5 = Ice Trap, R6 = Nitro Boost, > = Readiness, < = Multi Shot, R7 = Deterrence, R8 = Feight Deaht, Mouse Middle Click = MD.


Dominos, Shadow Frame Units is for personalisation of my ui, bigwigs is for lettting me know whats coming in boss fight, recount shows how well im doing on dps, needtoknow tracks my dots on boss so i can track amoc, serpent sting etc.

Raiding Experience:

Cata: DS 8/8 N, 8/8 H, FL 7/7 N, 4/7H. I had warrior main back in cata but i felt i wanted a range dps so i got most of achievements on him but right now hunter is my main and always will be.

my current progress: ToT: 12/12, MSV: 6/6 N, 3/6 H, HoF: 5/6 (took break from wow when i heard my grandad died and didnt finish whole HoF but did come back for TOES), TOES 4/4

Current and Previous Guilds: still in nWo, promoted to raider rank and my attence is very good, only been off 2 weeks since my old pc broke and had to wait for parts to build my new one and took awhile. want to leave because want new challenge. Was in Insurrection and Reflux guilds in past but as social since i had irl issues when moving to this realm and took break from raiding,

What do i expect from Core Crew? HC raiding, mature people who i can have chat with now and then, people motivated to progress and treat people with same respect.

What should we expect from you? Good solid dps, hard working, willing to learn more, take critism and learn from any mistakes i may do (hope that doesnt happen lol), i alwways show up on raids on time, i come with my own supplies of food, potions and flasks and got enough gold for my repairs.


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Re: Toxicate - Hunter BM/SV

Post  Livvy on 24/5/2013, 05:13

this is the hunter we are looking to replace:

& this is you:

If you believe you nowdays produce better numbers than you did there then please come back with some logs as you didnt link any its hard for us to actually check you out and how you play.


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