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Applications Q & A

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Applications Q & A

Post  Livvy on 25/7/2012, 05:04


We do currently not take in anyone without logs. We are a small guild with few raid days and cant afford to use up our time on something every single person out there can do. A lfr log works fine.

Q: Do you have a template?
A: No. Put some effort into your application. If you cant write an application without following a template we are probably not the right guild for you.

Q: Can I make a private application?
A: Yes. Pm one of our raiders on the forum.

Q: How long does it take until I get an answer?
A: Depends on the need of raiders & the roles you can fill. If you can't bother to put some effort in your application don't expect our raiders to put any effort into replying either.

Q: What should I include?
A: You should already know this but here is some essential info if you wish for us to reply.

You don’t know how to log a fight? Not an excuse - go to and get the information you need in order to do so. Remember Google is your best friend. A LFR is the perfect place to log as you can run it day or night. (Effort, it’s called effort.)

Armoury link(s) please add alts you either have raided on as a main in the past or have been playing lately or you think has anything else worth looking at.

UI in raid combat pic

Past experience explanation: Was it pre nerf etc. I doesn’t matter to us if you have killed a boss if we don’t know roughly when.

About yourself: Tell us a little about yourself, your name, your age, where you live, nationality, what you do.

Tell us a little about where/how you found us and why you think we might be what you are looking for.

Q: Is it possible to apply through coms?
A: Yes, but when not actively recruiting this is not prefered. However if your written application is successfull next step is usually a coms interview. It might in some cases be combined with a raid.

Q: My application is locked what does this mean?
A: We are not the guild for you, we are very busy and might not always have time to reply. (Needless to say that if your application lacks effort we will not put any in either which leads to locked applications wihtout replies)


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