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If Carlsberg done guild apps.... this isn't it :p

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If Carlsberg done guild apps.... this isn't it :p

Post  MeatNappy on 18/8/2012, 20:18

Name: Dave

Location: Wales,U.K.

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Availability: I kinda have no life off my pc so I'm kinda always available Embarassed

Can I speak/understand english : Yup and also some choice Welsh swear words.

A little bit about yourself : Hi all my names Dave (as you can see from the top of my thread) . I live in Wales,working in the motor trade for a self made narcissistic millionaire Hitler Julian Clary cross breed (yes I hate him)

Been playing wow since about the middle of beta where my first class was a night elf hunter,please don't hate me for that.

Played him for a while and got him to eighty,but my guild wasn't realy interested in MC and BWL so I quit them and joined apex,made some great friends there but as all "big" guilds go after some time your friends come and go and get replaced by people that kinda just rub you up the wrong way ><

Transferred to hellfire realm to play with said friends from apex and this is where I've done most of my raiding experience up untill the summer of 2011,decided to take a year out to sort my life out and see where I wanted to be (that didn't work as you can see Razz )

My raiding experience: As you can see I've played a fair few toons all partaking in a multitude of raids of different levels

My original hunter :

My shaman :

My paladin

As you can see I've got a lot of experience from a lot of different prospectives.

My character I'm applying on (please don't let my stat stick put you off,I've been farming WoE and LFR for four weeks now to no avail confused

I know my gear is,well kinda shocking and I've no current content HC experience but,I'm a quick study and believe I play my hunter to the best of my ability and will always turn up with flasks,nummy buff food and potions for raids.

So there's my application in a rather big nutshell,hope to hear from you soon regardless of the outcome.

Hugs,tugs and belly rubs,Dave Smile


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Re: If Carlsberg done guild apps.... this isn't it :p

Post  KJELSRUD on 19/8/2012, 05:57

Not to sound to negative, but you have little to no raid experience to show for.
No kills no logs no nothing ?

For a guy having played since beta, this conserns me. It seems like you are happy to be very casual and not really putting much into it. I mean 5 years with nothing to show for?

Sorry to be harsh, but we are really looking for the best players which existst in the game who just isnt up for a 5 days a week schedule.


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