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Quanee - Retribution Paladin

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Quanee - Retribution Paladin

Post  Quane on 14/3/2013, 11:56

Personal Information:

Age: 21
Name: Wojtek
Country: Poland
Nationality: Polish

Hey there, I am the kind of gamer type, pretty much spending most of the day playing WoW. There's not much stuff going on in my life at this moment so I can focus on it even more without worrying too much. I am incredibly chilled person with very hardcore approach to raiding, always looking for ways to improve my performance in terms both of class role and awarness. I love to have good laugh from time to time although preferably on mature level without bringing in your mom jokes. All in all, I am hardcore raider who can adapt to any kind of environment when needed.

Character Information:

Name: Quanee
Race/Class: Blood Elf Paladin
Spec: Retribution (Would like to play Protection someday)
Time Played: 171 Days

Raiding Experience:

- Icecrown Citadel: 11/12 HC (25m) & 12/12 HC (10m)
- Ruby Sanctum: 1/1 N (10m & 25m)

- Blackwing Descent: 6/6 HC (25m)
- Hour of Twilight: 2/5 HC (25m)
- Throne of the Four Winds: 1/2 HC (25m)

- Firelands: 6/7 HC (25m) - Came back for Ragnaros HC on 10m lots of times for both mount and sell runs

- Dragon Soul: 8/8 HC
x Warmaster & Spine 5%
x Madness 10%

- Mogu'Shan Vaults: 6/6 HC

- Heart of Fear: 5/6 HC (Amber Shaper HC Realm First)

- Terrace of the Endless Spring: 4/4 N

I've started my WoW raiding adventure on the day of release of Plaguewing in Icecrown Citadel, playing on US servers back at that point. I've joined a casual 25m guild where we managed to get down 11/12 Heroic bosses down. Some of us were bit disappointed with lack of Lich King kill so we decided to come back for him on our 10 man group where he finally fell during Shattering. With Cataclysm out we started normal progression rather quickly although got completely stuck on very first Heroic. Because of lack of interest in EU-times raiding guild on US, the guild disbanded and most of us ended rerolling to Kazzak. To not waste any time I quickly found myself a new home which came out to be DreamCatchers, although, I left them rather fast because of massive roster and leader anger management issues. My friend who I barely knew back then told me that Paladin spot in his old guild just opened and that we should apply there together. This guild was Fang. I must say that Fang was an amazing experience, I've been there for around 1,5 year with just one break. During Firelands HC Ragnaros progression I just lost will to continue playing this game. Retribution Paladins were in terrible state, my school schedule changed for the worst and I completely burned myself out. I did something that I'll be regretting till the end of my WoW career, which is selling account. After 3 months it came out that I simply needed a good break. It was early Dragon Soul HC progression when I came back, ready for some serious progression. We managed to get everything down relatively fast with Fang, scoring realm top 8 or so as far as I remember. Just before release of Mists of Pandaria I was promoted to Officer, taking care of melee department. Everything was going fine until Heroic progression where people started to not show up for raids and didin't really care much about improving their performance. I made some unecessary drama while leaving which I still regret. After 2 weeks or so I got accepted to Pwnanza where I've spent around 3 weeks +/- in and then irl accident came. I promised myself I would never come back to this game but I guess addiction won over and so after just 3 months I decided to do it. Since none of the better guilds needed a Retribution Paladin and I don't want to leave Kazzak, I thought it would be nice to try creating something on my own. The overall idea was good, I managed to recruit handful of people and get into raiding, although, it all fell today.

In my whole previous raiding experience, I've never missed more than 2-3 raids. I've managed to keep 99.9% attendance in Fang over 1,5 year with 4 days of raiding a week.


Old Pwnanza Logs:

Recent Logs:

Please, note that during Pwnanzas trial I was bit undergeared comparing to everyone and recently I've been leading new and own guild for the first time which consumed a bit of my focus.




I consider myself as a support class, Paladins bring a lot of utility and helpful stuff into raids. When it comes to offhealing or tossing a cooldown, I think it should be done almost immidiately hence why I'm using built-in click macros for my Vuhdo. I have every single spell binded to it, ready to use whenever it's needed.

For my stats and reforge priorities I read various site and keep everything up to date. I think that ReforgeLite and SimCraft are something that every person raiding on a high level should be using.

Link to UI:

Last Words: I'd just like you to know that I'm kind of person who basically cannot play WoW without raiding on a certain level. I always give my 101% during raids and if only I could, I'd be willing to raid 6 days a week anytime.


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Re: Quanee - Retribution Paladin

Post  KJELSRUD on 14/3/2013, 22:29

You seem to have been applying to the wrong guild. Yes, we do require skill and dedication, but we are only raiding 2-3 days a week.

If you have all the time in the world and would like to raid 6 days a week I sugest you try your luck elsewhere.

In any case gl finding something that fits you.


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