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Arnana-Blood DK

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Arnana-Blood DK

Post  spionvali on 9/3/2013, 09:56

Main information:


Character Information:

Armory Link:

Name- Arnana
Class- Death-Knight
Played- 137 days
Race: Blood-Elf
Sex: Female

Main spec/Off spec:
My main spec is Blood.Been tanking for more than 4 years as a DK and i really enjoy doing it Very Happy tanking it's in my nature Smile
My off spec is frost,i play it mostly in PVP but i have some gear for PVE aswell.It's a nice spec that can pull nice numbers on the recount if played well Smile

What glyphs are you using and why?
As blood i use; Glyph of Darksuccor(it gives me more self heal after a killing blow);Glypp of Antimagic-shell (increases the duration with 2 sec,awesome for some fight : Lei shi for example,can keep more stacks of debuff in case of really need);Glyph of Pestilence( increases the range of Pestilence by 10 yards..really good on Multi target fight;ex: Elagon,when adds ar coming).

I use:
-Rolling Blood-i can refresh my debuffs and spread them away with Pestilence;saves me some time and runes Smile
-Purgatory-best talent in game Smile i use it with Vampiric Blood and Death Command so i can save myself in case of emergency;it makes the diff from a wipe or a boss kill.
-Death's Advance-i can move abit faster with boss/kite/adds
-Death Pact:awesome talent for self healing;i use it only when im close to die or healers need some help with the healing cus of too much dmg.
-Blood Pact-i always keep 5 stacks of Blood up so i can use them to get a rune in case of emergency or to refresh my dmg absorb shield by Death Strike
-Gorefiend's Grasp-on multi target/trash-it's easyer for dps to aoe if all mobs are stacked up Smile

Main stats,gems,reforge:

I go for Mastery>parry/dodge>exp/hit
-for yellow gems: pure mastery
-blue-160 mastery-160 stamina
-red-160 mastery-160 parry

World of Logs:

WOW experience;
I started playing wow in TBC on a instant lvl 70 srv Very Happy nothing special,just killing/farming for fun.
I joind on blizzard's srv 2 days after ICC went live Smile I started as a resto druid and then switched to DK and kept playing.
I pugged almost every raid in WOTLK as being too young to find a raiding guild(12 year-old)..i managed to kill 12/12 Icc 10 normal 4/12 HC and 7/12 icc 25 normal 3/12 HC.
Cataclysm was my "core" raiding.Killed:
- 3/5 BOT HC(sinestra down) 3/4 BWD hc and 2/2 TO4W normal.
-7/7 FL Hc
8/8 DS 25 man HC before nerf.

What can you expect from me?
--dedicated player,informed man with great attendance
What do I expect from you?
-a good raiding guild,with smart raiders that can fully attend 4-5h to raid.

Name of your previous raiding guilds plus your attendance in them?
Muffin Militia-back on Darksorrow,horde 1st fell apart after one month cata hit the servers.
Bloodmark-Kazzak-people we're slacking,fake dc or not even showing up so i left for a better guild.
Derezzed-Kazzak- joined some irl frineds,made some progres with them for a few weeks and then drama appeared.Guild turned to dust.

Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raiding environment showing all relevant keybindings:

Computer spec and connection:

Computer :CPU: intelcore i5 2500k;source Enermax Naxn 750W; videocard palit geforce gtx 570x;8GB RAM

Connection (ping to Sweden; kazzak server is in Sweden):36 ms home,40 ms world


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Re: Arnana-Blood DK

Post  hmstr on 9/3/2013, 12:40

To get a main tank spot in the guild you'd have to have an exceptional application to get the trial period, and I don't really think this is it.

The application is very basic, and since your experience isn't very impressive, it would need to show some more in depth knowledge of the DK class, which I just don't think it does.
An example I see is when you talk about your talents and you just explain why you have those, without any more thought behind it.

For instance, I find the Blood Tap talent, and your reasoning of you using it quite lacking. You can efficiently keep up 1 of each rune for when you need it without blood tap, which just means that you straight out lose your runic regeneration from that talent tier. Your way of using blood tap realistically just makes you lose your rune regeneration from that tier. I'm more than ready to be convinced otherwise, I just don't buy your reasoning behind it.

An argument for picking it up in my opinion would be, if you're able to soak up predictable raid damage with AMS you get extra runic power, thus extra blood charges, which leads to more runes. For instance adding the new 4 tier bonus for extra runic power regen means more rune strikes, means more blood charges.

These are just a couple of examples of a bit more in depth explanation that you would need if you're going to get in for your application alone.

You also have a lacking screenshot of your UI and any notes on in. You even say yourself that the screenshot should be in a "raid environment", which it's not.

Anyway, those are my two cents, I'm not the one to call it but doesn't look too good imo.


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Re: Arnana-Blood DK

Post  Amalisa on 9/3/2013, 19:56

What addons do you use?

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Re: Arnana-Blood DK

Post  KJELSRUD on 9/3/2013, 21:45



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Re: Arnana-Blood DK

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