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Paladin application

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Paladin application

Post  PalaPatrick on 9/8/2012, 13:07

About Myself

Occupation:Studying Applied Physics

System Information: CPU:AMD x4 GPU:ATI HD 6670 RAM:4GB
With this system im always having 70+ FPS and i also have a stable connection Smile

Character Information

Character Name:Patrick
Main Spec:Protection
Armory Link:

Raiding History

To sum up i started playing a little bit after the release of TBC with my warlock i fully raided Karazhan/Gruul's/Magtheridon/Zul Aman/TK/SSC and 4/5 MH at the release of WotLK i also cleared Naxxramas/OS/Malygos and then i started playing with my Paladin as a Holy pala i cleared TotC and Icecrown Citadel with a few HCs, after Cataclysm came out i leveled to 85 my pally and starting playing Protection i checked out BWD and then i leveled 5 alts to 85 (druid/priest/shaman/warrior/hunter) and then i stopped WoW for about 1 year and 2 months which brings us to the present.

Current Status

I started playing again about a month ago after my long break i focused on Playing Protection as i had Holy experience in WotLK, i just got a a bit of gear and i am trying to clear the Cataclysm Content while im trying to find a raiding guild for MoP

Here is also a picture of my current UI while in a raid:

Previous Guilds and Reasons for Leaving.

As i said before i had a long break from Wow so i havent left/joined a raiding guild recently i am just social on an all around guild


I have a nice set of headphones and microphone so i can communicate in any raid or elsewhere as im familiar with Skype/Vent/TS etc.

You can also contact me on my

Why are you interested in joining this guild ?

I was always focusing more on PvE when playing WoW and after my big break from WoW im looking for a friendly but also competitive guild to progress on the upcoming expansion but also have fun with.

Why should we take you?

I am and old and experienced player with some PvE content history, i have a good awarness of my class(Paladin) always reading about my rotations/best builds and participating in such conversations in sites like MMO-champ, i am dedicated to Raiding and i can always abjust my programm so i can attend all raids as long as they dont exceed 4 days a week. I am also a responsible player coming with Flasks/food on raids and never have a problem spending money on full enchants/gems as long as they help on my contribution to the team.

I am looking forward raiding in MoP and i can suit in either 10 or 25 environment and either Holy or Prot Spec

I hope my application wasn't that boring as i had a fine time making it, waiting for your response, thank you for your time Smile


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Re: Paladin application

Post  KJELSRUD on 10/8/2012, 01:17

A good application for a greek Smile Althought do you even see content with that UI ? Razz

However im sorry to say that we got the tanks we need for mop.

Best of luck to you m8.


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