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Zerasil - Protection Warrior

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Zerasil - Protection Warrior

Post  zerasil on 22/2/2013, 07:59

About me;
-My name is Silvio, I'm from Croatia, almost 27 years old.
-In real life I'm IT guy and like to play progressively WoW as a hobby or whatever you can call it Smile

About my Character;
Warrior (main)

Ex Alts;

Note for all chars above; I haven't raided with warrior in Cata what I will explain later in this application. As for Shaman He was active during ICC only.

My ex raiding exp;
Started to play 2006 in vanilla, however in that time I was not aware of what Raids were, so as I learned and developed over time, my friend and I back then hit on TBC from Karazhan to BLack Temple, ending in 2nd top guild at Lightbringer EU of that time. Later in WoTLK I have done everything, except LK HC and that Trial of Crusader raid on heroic. In Cata I took a long brake for about a year to finish my college (what I have done) then at end of Cata I have returned to prepare for MoP, raided little in DS HC as well, though on nerf.

As for MoP exp;
I have done MsV 5/6HC, HoF 2/6 HC, rest with ToES all kills on normal.

I have a solid/average DPS OS, however, I tank from very start, I never really DPS'd before, but I'm working on DPS gear and performance to have it ready in where needed.
I am well aware of Warrior mechanics/raid mechanics and game mechanics.
I change glyphs/talents for each fight to get maximum out.
I don't play for loot.

Here is a SS of my UI (a bit old, but its the same today).
Here are the logs where you can find me (in last couple of weeks).

I GQuited EbJ cause I was not fitting their raiding time anymore, they have 2 tanks that can raid from 8PM, however I can't raid before 8:20/30 (on week days).

I think this coveres most of it, I'm open for all/any questions in game and hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


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Re: Zerasil - Protection Warrior

Post  Livvy on 22/2/2013, 11:01

I'm very sorry to say that you are not the tank im looking for. To get a tanking spot in this guild we do demand you to be able to communicate very well as you only have so much time to save a falling raid.

Thank you very much for applying though , we wish you the best of luck.


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