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Warlock nøxus (mop raiding)

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Warlock nøxus (mop raiding)

Post  noxus on 7/8/2012, 06:56


My name is Mark, I am from Holland and playing a undead warlock on Kazzak
I am 21 years old and playing wow for 5 years now.

Atm I am in on guild since I transferred to Kazzak 2 weeks ago
My old guild was on auchindoun Alliance, named Deliverance I started raiding whit them at the start of Cataclysm as a horde guild on draenor (transferred to Auchindoun because of lack players) Horde,
I left this guild because I didn't like the guild atmosphere while raiding, people where complaining when they didn’t got a raid spot or not getting gear.

I would like to join your guild because you guys have a good progression in cataclysm, for me that mean you guys are serious while raiding.

My history of raiding is that I didn’t play in vanilla, since I start leveling mid tbc so I didn’t raid much the exp. In Wotlk I did all raids except RS and most bosses on heroic. In cataclysm I did all bosses on nrm mode and tier 12 5/12 tier 13 6/7, tier 14 8/8.

Atm I am playing destruction and affliction got also exp whit demo so that’s no problem for me

A little bit about me, like I write at the start my name is mark and I am 21 years old living in Holland whit my parents and my sister, my hobbies are soccer self I don’t play since I got some bad lungs
Also playing video games whit my friends. Self I am going to the most home games of soccer club Ajax Amsterdam on Sundays and some evenings (CL, EL).

Like I also talk a little bit to livvy whit some pm I am making this application for a raid spot for mop since I am atm working allot of evenings since my work got some people to short

Got no world of logs since most are retired only got this raidbot site where some numbers are on don’t know if it’s any useful


Link to my ui unfortunately not 1 from in combat, my addons are tellmewhen where I check my procs, dots etc, dbm, omen, shadowunitframes,bartender 4.

(not sure if the links are working since I got some errors)

Hope to hear form any soon


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Re: Warlock nøxus (mop raiding)

Post  Livvy on 10/8/2012, 08:49

Dear Noxus

I'm afraid on this occasion we have to decline your application.

Core Crew


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