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X-Realm Lock application

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X-Realm Lock application

Post  shaaba on 21/11/2012, 20:26

Personal Information
Name: Or Graidy
Age: 28
Nationality: Israel
Play schedule availability: I can make all three raid days.

Character Information
b]Character’s Name:[/b] Shaaba
Class/Race: Warlock
Armory link:Shaaba

Please provide some logs (WoL/etc) So we can check your performance:Guild Logs
for some reason guild have loged all our raids so not all the logs are there.

How do I process constructive feedback?

I believe I already am a good player, however of course as blizzard keep changing the game, and I as awlays Blizz love to change the classes - "balancing", I will always be able to analyse and adjust to whatever changes blizzard throws at me. I always accept my mistakes and it's perfectly fine to hear other people pointing those out to me.

What do I think of striving for guild goals though it would mean lots of time used in practicing a new boss encounter?
Learning new fights for me, is where the best game experiences are, this is when you really learn the game and the people around you.

How does the above mentioned preference affect you and your actions in raid environment (Eg. practicing a new boss
encounter is already an experience in itself and thus motivates you to perform even better)?

I very much agree with this statement. I still remember learning ragnaros hc and the wipes and the time spent to perfect each phase till getting the kill, and other fights with my guild, and those were the best times to me. As we are playing this game, it is also evolving around us, encounters are becoming a lot more complex there's no argument with that, and as such, so must we evolve and develop as players.

Situation question: I was told i didnt pull the max out of my class on certain phase of the fight. What would you do to improve the situation for next raid?

I would go through my log files, the compare with other locks from top guilds to see where I could improve, check my gear, see if perhaps I can get upgrades outside of raid, I would shake my voodoo doll so that the gods of crit and trinket proc smile at me in the next raid. But than again I do it after and before raids either way.

How would you prepare yourself for a raid and what do you expect from your guildmates?

I will be fully prepared for all raids enchantments,gems, tactics, foods, flasks and of course, drinks and food before hand not during, when i am going over the boss abilities i try to think of my abilies and how i can help the raid and plan ahead to when to use my cd. I would expect no less no more of my guildmates. Well, a little spice of humour too, we all know how boring farming old content can be sometimes.

What are your past PvE experiences, also can you give us a brief run down of your past guilds.
I stop raiding back in TOGC, due to my degree in the University. When I finished my degree I came back to raiding in Cata it was the near the end of the first tier I raided with party clowns till they disband than moved to LootFTW which I raided till I lost a family member about 2-3 weeks into DS. according to our grieving ritual I stop playing for 30 days, than I thought about my raiding experience with LootFTW and decided even though I did enjoy the raiding aspect, the social part didn’t really fit me, and I didn’t really find myself in the social aspect of the guild, and I couldn’t afford to raid 7 days a week in progress anymore. so I decided to take a break, in my real life I propose to my girlfriend at the time and she accepted. So we were caught up with the wedding planning and getting a new place for us. after we finish all the wedding stuff, I finally have time to play again, although I can’t raid hardcore as I used to, so i joined barbarians and raided with them, they went from 25 to 10 which for me didn't feel the same, also we were suppose to raid 3 days a week and we actually raid 5-7 days a week which cause me alot of drama with the wifey. so i decided to look up wowprogress for a guild that req a lock and doesnt raid more than 3 days a week.

My raiding experience is:
Burning Crusade
Karazhan - Cleared
Gruul's Lair - Cleared
Serpentshrine Cavern - Cleared
Tempest Keep - Cleared
Black Temple - Cleared
Mount Hyjal - Cleared
Sunwell Plateau – Muru (pre 2.4.3)

Wrath of the Lick King
Naxxramas 10/25 - Cleared
The Eye of Eternity 10/25 - Cleared
The obsidian sanctum 10/25 +3 - Cleared
Ulduar 10 14/14 (9/9 HM)
Ulduar 25 14/14 (9/9 HM)
Trial of the Crusader 10 5/5 (HC 5/5)
Trial of the Crusader 25 5/5 (HC 5/5)
ICC 10 12/12 (HC 11/12)
ICC 25 12/12 (HC 11/12)

Blackwing Descent 6/6 (6/6 HC)
The Bastion of Twilight 4/4 (5/5 HC)
Throne of the Four Winds 2/2 (2/2 HC)
Firelands 7/7 (7/7 HC)
DS 7/7 (2/7 HC) pre nerfs (7/7 hc after all the nerfs)

MV 4/6 hc

What are you primary reasons for wanting to PvE?
I tried PVP but I only really enjoy PVE for extended periods. Progressing on hard bosses getting closwer by each wipe to finally down the boss is what keeps me in the game.

Why should we give you a trial, what can you offers us and what do you expect from us?
I see this as a two way thing... First and foremost I can bring an ear. I’ll listen to what you need, and what you want of me. that allow me to fill the roles that you want me too. Whatever spec that might be whatever raid-role that might be. I’m Adept in all aspects of my class, I’m ready for the challenge of meeting new friends and creating new links. I’m dedicated, Enthusiastic, Experienced, Prepared for criticism, Mature, Friendly and out for a good time... I can take one on the chin and learn from mistakes. I want to play wow for one reason, to have a damn good time whilst being as competitive as that allows. I bring versatility, over 3,000 hours of raid flask age! And a Nice wow economy background. I can afford to wipe for 18 hours a day if necessary Along with my ear(s), I bring my mouth. I’m not afraid to speak, I’m not a shy person by any means and I know how to get where I want in life. I’m constantly thinking about encounters and how to not only improve myself but also the people around me. Whether it’s thinking outside the box to defeat an encounter, or adding finishing touches to an already great tactic, I’m always on the look out to improve myself. Apart from just DPS-ing, I also did the exceptional (rare) things a warlock sometimes has to do. Tanked Leotheras the Blind in SSC, Illidan in Black Temple and Mimiron’s Aerial Command Unit on both normal HM (10-25).
I enjoy wow social aspect and it’s important to me, it’s pretty clear u are a guild with good progress and skilled players. But I look for more then that I am looking for a guild with quality people and with good attitude and I hope to find it in your guild.

What addons do you use?
weak auras – the most important addon I have
Big Wings – was important for Raggy when we made costume timers for the seeds
Dominos – my way to make my UI as minimize as possible
Gnosis – so I don’t miss ticks on my channeled spells.
skada – when damage on a certain target is important, I can check it ingame without the need to go and check Wol logs from the fight.

Computer Spec:
I5 3570k
8GB Ram
570 GTX
30 MB connection
27” dell U2711 (2560X1440)
Razor Naga

Please provide a screen shot of your current UI.
UI screenshot

Do you have any other information or anything else to add?
My only aim now, is to find a successful raiding guild, where I can have fun, and enjoy the game with quality players. Complete the latest content in a fast and efficient manner. Then Farm the crap out of it.
That’s about it. I’m really looking forward to your reply and final decision about my application. I’m willing to comment on some of the answers through e-mail, here and on vent (easier to explain yourself) or Skype.


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Re: X-Realm Lock application

Post  Arch on 22/11/2012, 01:42

I suppose being the Warlock that you would be replacing i'm in the best position to break this application down.

Let's go from top to bottom.

Gear: Good gear, properly refroged however i will question your gemming. Red slots should be Int + Mastery. Also you should replace one Hit/Int gem for pure Hit. Being 7 rating over the hit cap (which will be like .04% or something) is far better than being 153 under (.74%).

Logs: Damage looks ok, but a little disappointing from the level of gear you have.

Addons/UI: Looks pretty lacking in information tbh. I'm going to give it benefit of doubt that it's not during a boss attempt so a lot of information is hidden. But where is your raid frames? How will you CR a dead player if you don't even have Grid/Vudo etc. What do you use for tracking DoT's on targets other than your current? Very few abilities actually visible, unless you have a million key binds and every single possible ability key bound then you're lacking quite a few abilities.

Spec: What reason do you have for specing Dark Regeneration in Tier 1? A very obvious PvP talent. My arguement for not using it is, the heal is useless. Whenever big damage is incoming you have plenty of cooldowns to use to mitigate/prevent it. Even if those are on cooldown and you have to take the damage you've got HealthStone in those situations, which are extremely rare. As apposed to using Soul Leech which is constant healing, which is more suited to the fights are you often take constant damage, and massively helps the healers out, very often i would heal myself more than any of our healers would and on progress helping out a healers mana is crucial.

Next few tiers are fine, but last tier talent, unless they haven't updated the online talent calculator and they have implemented the change where they've got rid of the casting time penalty then it is no where near as useful as Archimonde's Vengeance. Yes there is a fair bit of moment in a lot of the fights, but Fel Fire combined with burning Rush means the DPS loss is so small where as Vengeance can equate to a lot of damage on certain fights.

I don't have any say on the decision, this was for the raiders to have an expert Warlock opinion on the application.

Good luck.


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Re: X-Realm Lock application

Post  shaaba on 22/11/2012, 06:10

i will try to answer to all the point you made.
I am above the hit cap since i am using a wand and orc gain 1 exp from it making me abit over the hit cap.
the intel gem was just alot cheaper 9 gold vs 300 on the ah, considering the difference in dps is less than 5 i can live with it.
my damage is usually very high for exp on the elegon kill i was more than 4-5% higher than the second one (problem it wasnt recorded).
most of my UI is hidden ofc you cant see the grid when i am not in a raid, but i have all of the lock and my proffesion keybind, so i dont see a point to have them on the screen just a waste of space, i preffer to keep my UI to a min.
my dots are tracked by weakauras and the tidyplate addon.
if its 2 targets weak aura show the dots for the main target and the focus target, if its more than that i just use the tidyplate to see all the dots.

Dark regen is probably the only usefull talent in that tier consider soul leech only give dmg from the mg tick not the dot tick it duplicate, and harvest life is pretty useless if i dont have very few adds, but ofc my talent change for each encounter some encounters i do use Harvest life.
but i change my talent for almost each encounter.
again for the last tier i change it from fight to fight, it was just the talent i choose for the first boss in HOF considering how much movement there is in it, and that AV dmg is so small it just better even with the increase cast time, since aslong as you start casting before you start moving it doesnt actually update the cast time (beside mg and ds), so actually i found it handy.


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Re: X-Realm Lock application

Post  Livvy on 22/11/2012, 15:50

I find this one quite interesting. Kjelsrud will have a look at your dpslogs when he got some time. In the mean time feel free to post a ui pic in combat.


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Re: X-Realm Lock application

Post  shaaba on 22/11/2012, 20:38

well i join a LFR to take a ss.
Multi dot
Focus target dots

hopefully this is what you wanted,
i can take another ss to make all my keybind visible if its needed.


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Re: X-Realm Lock application

Post  KJELSRUD on 23/11/2012, 05:14


You have some decent logs here, decent enought for us to have a chat atleast.

Lets have a chat and talk things over and take it from there. Good warlocks are hard to come by, and if you can produce some of thoose good numbers on a consistent basis we can definately use a guy like that.

Please add me kjelsrud#2312 on for further contact.


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Re: X-Realm Lock application

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