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Ohaithere, Guardian!

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Ohaithere, Guardian!

Post  ohaithere on 22/10/2012, 02:26

Myself! Hello Core Crew!

My name is Anton, I’m a 16 ( 17 in 4 months!!! ) year old guy who lives in Sweden. I was raised here in Sweden by my two parents Susanne and Matti. When I was about 6 years old my parents divorced and honestly I’ve suffered a lot of that. You know when you’re just 6 years old and your parents divorce its really easy to blame yourself as in my case, I blamed myself for my parents divorcing. I felt really bad and I started to go more and more my own way, I couldn’t stand visiting my friends and see their happy familys wich in a long term made me without friends, Of course I had some friends but not a good relation to them.. So I started out playing computer, more and more as the time passed, in 2nd grade I started to play World of Warcraft wich make it that I started when I was about 8-9 years old. I’ve always had a good relationship with my mom but not quite as good with my dad,
My dad was always out travelling since he worked with a bicycleteam so I didnt see him that often and when I did see him we always fought about something and it ended with me calling my mom and just wishing to get back to my moms place..

However there was one person I really loved, that always stood up for me, always was there when I was sad, the only person that actually believed in me and my dreams, I’m talking about my grandmother Lena. She was the most beautiful woman on this earth, I’ve never met a person with such a strong & kind spirit, everyone loved her.. I cant remember her telling me one negative word about someone! Except during the swedish melodycompetition where she always complained about the girls short skirts etc Very Happy. The best memories so far in my life are spent with her, she was really a living angel to me, my second mom.. I even lived there for a while when everything else was shit. So when I was 11 years old my grandmother got cancer, I dont quite remember exactly wich kind of cancer it was but it was in her stomach somewhere and so far there is no way to cure it, there is only stuff to slow it down. So when I got this information I did not know how to handle it, I just wanted to die myself, I didnt want to live without her so I started to play a lot more computer and I mean A LOT!

Just 11 years old I sat 7+hours a day and just played because when playing I forgot about everything else, I did not think about all my problems.. they just dissapeared! I got addicted, It was like the best drug in the world, I felt nothing when I played.. But ofcourse I could not play in school so in school I took all my anger and let it out to other people, teachers, other kids and my friends, I was left alone, who wanted to befriend me when I just raged at them, Now I understand all this but as 11 year old boy you dont understand those things. However 7 months after my mother was diagnosed with cancer she passed away, 17th of january. I remember the day still in details and I’m sure its something I’ll carry with me untill my own death.. Something I regret is that I didn’t visit her enough during her last 7 months, but I could not handle the truth, I could not handle seeing her lose so much weight and even her personality changed.. I’ve been playing computer games eversince and wow have always been one of them! It’s just about 1/2 year ago I started to go out again and enjoying my friends in other places then school but still I’ve no plans of quitting wow untill it dies wich I doubt it will in the next few incoming years.. My lifeexperience have turned me into a very strong person, mentally. I’ve grown a very strong & nice personality, I’m very outgoing and I learned to enjoy even the small things. My grandma always told me to give everything for my goals and so I will thats why I’m here making my 1000 apply, This is something I really want and I wont stop develop untill I’ve accomplished my dreams.

All these years of gaming have turned me into a very dedicated gamer, No matter what game I play I always do my best and always try my best to become the best. I started to raid as just 10 years old or it might’ve been 11, however it was during Naxxramas(WotLK) and I played my character Litengnome, a gnome mage wich also was my first character! Wich is something you always remember! Gaming is my life, It’ve been my life for 1/2 of my life.. Being 110% honest I dont think I would be alive without gaming which always was a option to flee the pain.

Since I put so much time and effort into gaming I almost always succed what I’m doing, for example I’ve never failed an trial period eventhough I must say it’ve been a hell to get the trial periods due to my age and all the age requierements. I would consider myself better then a lot of the older generations that lives for gaming but ofcourse they have more experience than me, they’ve been able to play longer then me, Some played before I even could walk & speak. But I still in this new era inc, I know there is plenty of ’‘kids’’ just like me out there that got what it takes but just not been given a chance.

Due to all the time & effort I put into gaming I always play my character 99% flawless, I would like to say 100% but there is always something, you can do better.. We are after all just humans and I dont know about you, but I aint got no superpowers. I put as much spare time as I can on theorycrafting, I find it fun to improve my character, I often get my own ideas, Im not only reading from forums and copypasting like a lot of players are and I know its a fact! I would describe myself as a pretty fun person, I think I’m cool to handle with and I open up myself so to say easily and I’m a friend of anyone, I dont care if you’re black,white,fat,thin,tall,short(I’m short!)boy or girl! Or actually I do care if you’re a girl, I dont like them girls they just cause problems and erection but most girls gaming are pretty cool so it wont be a problem! 

I always take responsibility for my actions and I do not do anything I will regret, easy said I’m not hiding my dark sides, I wont say I never fail, because I do, I think we all do! But a lot of people just cant handle the fact that its okay to fail so they hide it when they do fail and how can a group improve if people aint honest? However I’m pretty sure that I WONT fail, I wouldnt bother writing this application if I were unsure if I could handle this..

I also play other games like Counter-strike 1.6, League of Legends ( NO HATE, IM BRO! ), Minecraft - just because I like to build stuff! I’ve also tried HoN and some dota but I guess I was waaaay to bad.. I just got raped all the time..

Armory link!

So the character I’m applying with is my Guardian(FINALLY we got our own spec, now we can even compete on rankings!) druid, It is named Ohaithere and is currently living in orgrimmar on kazzak, the horde side. My character is not just a cartoon, its a part of me and I’m a part of it. Its so much more then just a big ugly cow walking on two feet able to shapeshift into strange animals. I made Ohaithere the summer of 2011, my second tank character, I powerleveled it, I think I had 3days played untill 85, now Im on about 70days and then I’vnt played as much as I could if it was needed due to clearing content and having nothing to do etc. 

As I said earlier my main specification is Guardian, the new tank spec, I’ve been playing feral since the start of this character and I’ve found nothing negative about it except it gets a bit boring watching a bear-ass all the time, but I just try to not think about it Wink. I dont know why I chosed tanking from the beginning, my previous characters with great succes was range & healer but I wasnt pleased with any of those roles. Honestly I dont think I chosed tanking, I think tanking chosed me! It might sound a bit ridiculus but tanking and especially as a druid really matches my real life personality, it feels like a kind of connection when I tank on my druid, its just the way it should be, its my destiny to run around as a bear, taunting dem unbro’s! 

My current spec! (obs! all this is ofcourse depending on encounters since its so easy to change now!)

(Wild Charge) I prefer this one above (Feline Swiftness) due to all the options it get. 

(Nature Swiftness) I see the majority of them druids using (Renewal) wich heals yourself for 30% of your health, But right now when I crit heal above 80k I feel that (Nature Swiftness) is better since its just a 1 minute cooldown and I can use it to instant cast rebirth wich means I do not have to leave bearform and die, Or well its just as waste of time to wait untill a proper moment where I could ress normaly. But also I can with (Nature Swiftness) heal my friends to wich could be needed in worst case scenario.

(Typhoon) wich I just love, Though I’m not sure if it will work for adds during bosses in MoP but I’m sure that if (Typhoon) doesn’t work non of the other talents will be working. 

(Incarnation) wich allows me to just spam my spells meaning it turns my rage up just the same way that Shyla Stylez turn my dick up untill it hit the roof( You better watch her movies if you havent already) which means I can keep my (Savage Defence) up all the time or use (Frenzied Reg) to get my health up if it is needed. 

(Ursol’s Vortex) basically because I like it more in dungeons then (Mighty Bash)..

However these talents are getting changed all the time based on what encounter I’m on! 

My current glyphs! This is the glyphs I will use and why.

(Glyph of Might of Ursoc) This glyph is awesome for fights where it occasionally come high spike damage, So when the big hits are rare but hit a lot, this is the glyph to go.

(Glyph of Rebirth) This glyph is good since I dont want to waste a CR on someone dying right after getting ressed, however I dont see any big needs for this in a 25man group now when so many classes can CR.

(Glyph of Stampeding Roar) This glyph is good if there is a encounter where you move a lot and dont really stack ontop of eachother like you do on Ragnaros HC but for fights where you are a bit more spread out.

(Glyph of Faerie Fire) Good for fights where I’ll be far away of some certain mobs that have to be tanked, pulled down from something and so on.

(Glyph of Survival Instincts) This glyph is really good for encounters where there is damage going out often, but not that hard hits. So when a boss does frequently but moderate damage this is the perfect glyph.

Being a guardian leaves you with two options, either you go with stamina or agility. Do you want to avoid all the incoming damage or just be able to take a damn lot of damage and let the healers do their work? I started of my guardian career with stamina, it felt really good and I really liked it, but since I like to try new stuff, theorycraft and improve my character I tried agility and I realised that this is the way to go for me, I started to look on the recounts and I couldn’t believe how much less damage taken I had compared to the other tanks, No matter if we tanked the same shit I always ended with A LOT less damage taken so I decided to keep with my agility gems & enchants and so I did, the only time where I felt that stamina was the way to go was on Deathwing Heroic, due to the heavy magic damage, I knew that the agility wouldn’t save me from visiting the guardian spirit this time so I went over to stamina once again to avoid death, And so came the nerfs, nerf after nerf and Dragon Soul turned into a kindergarden and the magic damage dealt was decreased so much that I felt that I would win more overall in DS to just go back with agility and here I’m now, agility gemmed.

I’m for sure planning to keep to agility untill it proves to be worse then anything else, and if there is proved to be anything better, then I’ll instant switch.

There is one thing I’ve thought alot of and it is if I as a guardian should try go with almost pure crit, because with the crit I ofcourse do a lot more damage and at the same time I’m pretty sure my rage would be toped all the time and it would let me have savage defence up 100% of the time and ALSO using frenzied reg which isnt possible with my current setup, however this is just thought and I’m sooner or later going to try this out in a LFR or instances where I can compare damage taken, active mig, dps etc.

My current proffesions is Enchanting(600) and Inscription(600), probably the most boring ones but they both benefit my character in a good way, with my enchanting I can as you know provide my rings with enchants and Inscription allows me to put a enchant on my shoulders.

To keep being updated with my class,( contents, everything for that sake!) I visit sites such as,, and so on, you get my point!

Ui screenshot! 

Ingame history!
So I started my wow journey during vanilla, but back then I was not older than 8-9 years and I remember myself creating new characters all the time, it took days to just reach a level of 15, My first real character was called Rougepower, I’m not sure if he is still out there. I actually got to level 52, only 8 levels to go and I got hacked, I probably clicked all the god damn links that were linked to me, however I went really sad and took a break for maybe a month or two since tbc was just about to hit.

However when Tbc went live my sisters boyfriend offered me one of his accounts, it was a Night elf hunter, lvl 60 and he had full epic gear which I found really cool and used to brag about to my friends. The character was called Abbott ( ) It had full marshall gear, dragonstalker gear etc though this was not achieved by me as you might understand I find it pretty fun that I still wear the field marshall gear at 68, I really believed in epics! ^^. Since all my friends was so jellous off me having that character most of them wanted to try it etc, and I mean come on. It took ages for me to level and I couldn’t play all the time since my parents was like hitler to me back there, so why not let my friends play when I can’t play?

So in the end most of my friends knew my password and as I described under ( Myself ) there was a period where I went crazy, wich in the long term left me without friends, but still my ’‘friends’’ knew my password and actually hacked me. I knew it was them, they even admitted it, I went really mad ofcourse, I was only 2 levels from max level for the first time I was this close to be on the top and then I get hacked by friends? fucking shit.. I pulled my parents into this but the boys said they forgot what passwords etc. Looking at this now I dont understand why I just didn’t contact blizzard, they would probably fix it all but I didn’t even know what blizzard did back there.

So with my new account I started my character

Litengnome(, I still remember today I was in a swedish town called Alingsås to shop with my mom & sister and its here I bought my third account. Later the same day my cousin helped me create my first real character, it was my cousin who suggested the name Litengnome and I really liked it, it was a Gnome mage on Outland.. I dont know how long it took for me to level up to 80 ( Yep we’re already in WotLK ) but I finally got there. I dont know how but somehow I actually got into a guild, at this point we had migrated to Agamaggan due to Outland being overpopulated. I dont remember the guild name but I remember Krakh and Xelfeir from the guild.

I eventually started to raid Naxxramas, I killed everything it was so long time ago and I really had much clue except what to do during the bosses so there probably was some nerfs when I killed Kel’thuzad. I killed OS+2drakes, never managed 3drakes neither did we manage to kill Malygos but it wasnt the whole world to me, I was just around 11+-1 years old and just cared about having fun. And so came Ulduar, I remember we fought a lot and managed to kill everything in ulduar except Yogg-saron - lights and Algalon but we did however clear many of them achievements and hardmodes. 
( I know im rushing my experience pretty much but I really wanna try to avoid writing a bible and I think you get to see my experience anyways )
the last tier I played on my mage was TotC I managed to kill all of them 4 on normal + achievements then I quitted wow once agian..

I came back when it was about 1 month left to release of ICC, I rerolled my shaman Cyphie( started to level and reached level 80 just before release and joined the guild Order of Sargeras on kazzak. Once again I had to post like 11 different applications to finally find one guild that would accept me eventhough of my age we managed to kill 12/12N and 11/12HC when we defeated Sindragosa Heroic we had a buff or two of the increased damage, health etc. We actually fought sindragosa for probably 1 month, probably had 10x 3.5h raids where we just stood fighting her and her stupid tombs where people always kept on failing. We never managed to kill LK HC. Ruby sanctum was cleared pretty fast. And after RS came Cata and I found a new interest, PvP!

So I started to pvp on my Shaman and actually left Order of Sargeras just to play with a guild that focused on pvp and I kept on pvping wich lead to me missing almost the entire tier 11 with only weeks left untill t12 I created my rogue Ohaithere( I cleared it all on normal but only killed Magmaw Heroic, nothing else. Firelands came and I started to raid, but still I did not feel pleased with playing rogue so I rerolled Ohaithere my druid. I leveled it up asap 3/4 days later I sat farming heroics to start raid, the time had came the era of writing applications began, at the beginning I was on Ravencrest Alliance. I was kind of a bitch on that realm, I just wanted to join better guilds all the time. I played with Group Therapy wich is the only guild worth mentioning except Alterac Deviants.

I migrated to Kazzak and joined the guild The Dreamcatchers, managed to kill 6/7 heroics, we were stuck on phase 4 at Ragnaros and actually never managed to kill him.. I’ve played with probably all guilds on kazzak but none as good as Ash which also is my current guild, its a scandinavian guild with mainly swedes, its a really good envrionment and a good aura but still I want to bring it to the next level, I know I got it in me I just need the other 24 players to be there to. However we managed to kill 8/8 heroic and we had it on farm for a while, for glory achievements etc( Still missing 2 achieves -.- ) People ( including myself ) started to get bored of Dragon Soul, it’s horrible encounters etc so we decided to take a break untill MoP and here I am today.

I know I do not have the best possible experience, I do know but I’ve gotten so far I possible could with my conditions. I do have what it takes, I know I do it’s just that I need to be given trust. I just need to be given the chance to shine, I have NEVER failed an trial period and I NEVER WILL! No matter if we’re talking about Dogshit guild or Rank universe guild.

Guilds I’ve been in!
Order of Sargeras: this was in wotlk
Ash: My previous guild, also the one I’ve been enjoying the most

nWo: ( Was only here for about 2 weeks, didnt like the guild at all)

The Dreamcatchers: end of t11/start of t12


Any references you wish to cite!
there is my cousin to that have been following my wow career since my start, he is actually the person who motivated me to even start this game. He has always been in good guilds, with really good progress and he is someone who have taught me most of this game when I was newb. He is a really nice & kind person and I know he would be honest, not lie to give me a better chance because that’s how he is! Wink
You could either contact him over skype, Shoshenq-luny.
Or ingame Monarken(priest, his current main), Regnskog(shaman),Betongbella(dk) and Betongbettan(pala) and they are all on Ravencrest, Alliance side!

I’ve written so much that I probably forgot about important stuff, but please just contact me via Email:, Skype: Maxanton2, I wouldn’t mind a interview over skype or anything alike, eventhough I probably would be a bit nervous! Wink

I will provide logs asap, I will most likely do a LFR either tonight or tomorrow!

Also since this is the first 10man-guild that I’m applying to I must ask, how is it being a 10man guild on the social side? I mean are people online etc? Or will I be the only one online during the days?
BEST REGARDS, Anton! Very Happy


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Re: Ohaithere, Guardian!

Post  Livvy on 22/10/2012, 07:11

I'm well impressed with your english vs age.
I agree with a lot of the choices you have made for your druid.
I like that you actually understand why nature's swift can be better or is better in certain situations.

Back in Ds stamina was however never the way to go unless you had shit healcds and had to solotank madness hc. Agi was always giving you a better return.
Now on the other hand Agility has become very very poor and it can't even be seen as a dps boost for a guardian.
How you choose to gem today really depends on what you need. I started off with mastery because that the best return on mitigation overall.
Dodge is less reliable and therefor slightly less worth going for.
Crit on the other hand is a pure rage boost and can be argued to be the best mitigationwise as you will have more rage then charges of savage defense over a set amount of time. Besides the extra uptime on savage defense you can therefor spend more on maul and help out pushing the dps. Atm the spiritbinder hc is a tightish enrage and worth doing using it for.

There is two very important things to tell you about 10man guilds.
1. Every player counts and is more valuable then in a 25man. If the content is balenced and both diffculties the same. (yes im aware that certain 25man fights atm are much easier then 10 which we are quite used to). Putting more pressure on each player and making carrying other players less possible.
2. You can even in a low schedule raiding guild like ours get the possibility to really get to know each player. Their ups & downs and abilities.
On a saturday you might now find very many people online but there are several players roaming about all week outside raidtime, we also have a bunch of socials and friends playing with us when not raiding.

Reading the app I believe you have potential a little lacking in correct information about your class but being young I assume you get more of your information from reading and trying out what others have posted on forums rather then testing things out properly from scratch and doing the maths. And abusing friends to test and count things out.

At this very moment I would not be able to grant you a trial because of 3 things.
1. Our current tanks are active and it would be hard to fit in a third mainspec tank.
2. Some of your research or understanding of the game/class is lacking and not quite the level we'd hope for. We love it if you know your stuff and can back it up and be confident about it.
3. Missing WOL. I'm aware that you are posting this in the next comming days.

That being said if the logs look good - I'd like to talk things over with my fellow tank and go from there.

So to sum things up I'm not saying yes or no at this point. I'm saying there's potential & I'd like to see the logs.


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Re: Ohaithere, Guardian!

Post  ohaithere on 22/10/2012, 10:14

Hello Livvy! Thanks a lot for taking your time and reading my apply, I would also give you a big thumbs up for the response you gave me!

First of all I would want to inform you that I've done some changes on my character recently, I actually changed 5 items.. While doing this I also reforged, enchanted and gemed the way I think is best at the moment ( At least with my current gear ), Since I had you agree'ing on my crit theory being a superb idea I did not hesitate to gem crit, I could honestly feel the damage and rage difference directly! It was a pretty big dps increase also I can as you said do maul a lot more often now.
I'm slightly above 7.50% hit & expertise and around 27% crit w/o bear form. ( So I guess its around 35% in bear )

Back in Ds stamina was however never the way to go unless you had shit healcds and had to solotank madness hc. Agi was always giving you a better return.
I guess I did not explain good enough, I meant stamina was good when progressing on Deathwing HC due to the massive damage from Impale.

Reading the app I believe you have potential a little lacking in correct information about your class but being young I assume you get more of your information from reading and trying out what others have posted on forums rather then testing things out properly from scratch and doing the maths. And abusing friends to test and count things out.
You've got a point here but trust me I really love having someone to discuss with, In my opinion speaking with other persons, brainstorm idea's & theories are giving so much more then just reading from forums etc. the thing is lately I'vent had that kind of person who I can talk with regarding specs, gems, rotations and so on.
Seeing you have a lot of experience etc I can see ourselves argue over different options regarding guardians! Wink

Now off to do some more reading, got this test about politics in school tomorrow so I better read some if I don't want a F Wink Sleep tight! Best regards, Anton.


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Re: Ohaithere, Guardian!

Post  ohaithere on 23/10/2012, 08:12

houston we've got a problem!

So first of all, around 9 pm I was supposed to go log a LFR however when I log in it says my gametime expired.

And it is not getting better, today I got a call from my dad that his firm offer me work during the next week, its from next monday(29th of october) and 10 days. This opportunity is something I must take and I cant thank no to the insane amount of money I will recieve, for your information this means I'm going to Norway to work and getting 20k for 10 days of work is something I cant deny due to my given age.

So the problems, First of all its 10 days where I cant play which would take of my trial period, I know how important it is with 100% attendance, especially during the trial period! But trust me I do usually have 100% attendance!

Another problem I think about, is it worth getting gametime, I will ofcourse be able to obtain the 1000 valor points but also I lose 10 days of the gametime, BUT if you really want me to get gametime before I'm off to Norway on monday I will sure add gametime, cap valor etc and in that case I may aswell raid the first raids during next reset!

I'm really sorry for causing these problems directly after applying, I'm ready to try everything to make this cause as little problems as possible, I really hope this doesn't affect the current situation also as you might understand IF you don't require me to obtain gametime before I go off to Norway I will of course not be able to provide logs before I come back 7th of November.

Thankful for response regarding your thoughts as soon as possible, Off to bed!
Best regards Anton


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Re: Ohaithere, Guardian!

Post  Livvy on 23/10/2012, 14:28

I'm sorry I cannot do anything for you without some logs.
I understand your current situation and have little interest in making a decision for you. I'm sure whatever you decide will be the best choice for you.
As I mentioned earlier we do have two pretty tight tanks and are unlikely to benefit from a third atm so for now we will have to say no.



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Re: Ohaithere, Guardian!

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