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Shaman resto application

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Shaman resto application

Post  killermc on 19/10/2012, 03:41

Character Details

Character Name: Killermc

Class: Shaman

Level: 90

Describe what you think you would bring to our guild if accepted. (raiding and social aspects)

Im a very warm , engaging and funny person , if i feel comfortable here
and if i find Individuals with responsibility , i will do the few thing for my guild like ,
constant dedication , i strategize my communication , Set an objective and develop a strategy ,
networking , Earn other ppls trust , and many things more ... , well i can help my guild
with my experience , Just a funny space , and raiding with all of my centralization

Character History

Previous Guilds:


Reason for Leaving:

they just start to slack

When did you start this character and how long have you /played ?

with killermc 100 days , with my hunter day 578 days

What encounters and raids have you experienced in Cataclysm?

Cata : Clear 10man in eu ranking 900 , 25man full hc gear , 8/8hc ds

What previous raid experience do you have on this char? Please only mention stuff you did at the time when it was a current raid, we dont need to know you can clear black temple when you are level 85.

Vanila : I play with my warr ( pvp )
TBC : i clear all , ssc , tk , bt , mh , sunwell 5/6
Woltk : clear all hc raids , 25man icc 10% buff , first kill profesor in realm ( blackligh guild in executis realm ) !
Cata : Clear 25man , 10man 8/8hc ds
Mop : i just know tactics

What do you think YOUR responsibilities are in a raid? :

time presence , i always come online 15min sooner before raid time , buying my food
flask and etc ... , well i think raiders have to listen to raid leader In any situation ,
raiders need to know about tactics watch movies , read site ask other members to be ready
in the raids , always ready , not slacker ! if i have problem in my real life and i cant
join the raid i let u guys know before the day assault to give u guys for fixing my spot
in raid , get in touch with other healers , and etc , finally, be prepared for everythings , Only thing that came to my mind
I wrote here ...

What is your Spell Rotation ?

well i use this buffs all time , water shield and earthliving weapon , for single target
i use earth shield ( most of the time for tank cuz is take most of the damage ) if we have another shaman in
raid so i speak to him to use our earth sheild not on the same target ( tank ) ,
i use riptide as well for many ppls as possible ( to get tidal waves buff ) for healing better ,
and healing wave ( to control my mana no need to use other spell to waste of mana when ppls
get low dmg ) , greater healing wave when my target get high dmg , if i have enough time to cast
that , if i dont have enogh time to cast that ( greater healing ) i use healing surge immediately to save my target ,
but i try to not use healing surge so much cuz its get so much mana , i always use my
uleash element with healing wave to heal better ( unleash life ) , i handle my mana with
using my spells correctly and using lightning bolt for more mana ( i use glyph of telluric currents ) ,

well about my aoe healing , is simple , after i using riptide for many ppls cuz of more healing effects for my spells ( i always use riptide ) ,
if raid take high dmg i use chain heal , for low dmg i use healing rain , some time i combine them ,
and i do my healing style in raid , in dangerous situation to keep ppls alive ,
i use totems for dangerous situation as well or i save them for when my raid leader call for my totems ,

Astral Shift : well this help me out from hard moments

Windwalk Totem : some mobility for me during a boss fight

Call of the Elements : save my totems cd

Ancestral Swiftness : i use with greater healing and riptide

Healing Tide Totem : when my raid leader ask for it or for dangerous situation

Unleashed Fury : same as swiftness

i cant explain everything here if u guys need more Question just /w me in game

How do you prioritize your stats?

Spirit > Intellect > Haste > Mastery 50% > Crit

lil explain :

spirit : mana regeneration
Intellect : improve my healing ( critical chance )
haste : i can save my cd better , usefull for my buffs totems healing spell specially healing rain and riptide and etc
mastery : extra healing base on ppls health
crit : improve my healing chance for direct heals ( and returning my mana also )

Also Post a UI Screen Shot (this is so we know how you see whats around you)

world of log :

i just find this links

Technical Information

PLease list any add ons you use to help you raid.

BigWigs , Dominos , Forte , Omen , Quartz , Skada , and etc

Do you have a microphone ?


Describe your skills in spoken english:

well i can understand english and speak pretty good , but i have some lack

What's your connection & computer hardware?

dsl connection 1MG

Processor : Intel Core i7
graphic card : radeon hd 5870
system type : 32-bit os
windows : seven

General Information

Age: 25

Country: iran

Why did you choose to apply to this guild in particular?

a good time to spend here , all i want is raiding and warm relations ,
i think i can find them here

Players you know / How did you come across us?

wowprogress and see ur guild name and some research

Alts and Level (if any):

Tob my hunter , armory :

Did you read our Rules & Policies?


What days can you play and what hours during those days ?

i have no problem with time , u can find me in wow always

Previous online gaming experience :

League of Legends , Dota , Cs , and etc

Anything else you'd like to include about yourself:

well my name is shayan but my friend call me ian , i read master of game design , and ty for ur time !


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Re: Shaman resto application

Post  Livvy on 19/10/2012, 08:15

I'm very sorry but your english doesnt cut it. We need to understand you whilst progressing and you us. I'm afraid its not quite there. ty


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Re: Shaman resto application

Post  killermc on 19/10/2012, 17:59

sry for my english , well english is not my main language , tell me u need to understand about wich part so i can explain again !

if u ask about my progress :

Vanila : I play with my warr as pvp player !

TBC : i clear all raids , ssc with my hunter ( BM ) , tk i clear with my hunter ( BM ) ,
BT i clear with my huner ( bm ) , mh i clear with my hunter ( bm ) , sunwell 5/6 hunter again bm

Woltk : clear all hc raids , 25man icc hc with 10% buff ( hunter MM ) , i had first kill profesor in realm ( blackligh guild in executis realm ) !

Cata : i Clear DS 25man and 10 man 8/8hc as shaman resto , i clear fl 6/7 as shaman resto again

Mop : i just know tactics , if i wanna improve my progress in mop i dont have problem with time , i was so ready for mop but my last guild start so slack


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Re: Shaman resto application

Post  KJELSRUD on 19/10/2012, 22:14

I think what Livvy tried to say was:

This is not the guild you are looking for. Move along.



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Re: Shaman resto application

Post  killermc on 19/10/2012, 23:45

well ok ty for ur time , gl


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Re: Shaman resto application

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